Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LA Memories Creeping into my Head

So i did part 1 a couple of days ago but sooo many things are popping into my head that i didn't put in that blog.
All these memories flooding back.

Little jokes we had... Things that happened which i don't have photographic evidence of... Such great moments.

One of my memories is from when we went to Disneyland to see the World of Color show we got in a line we believe to be ours. This show is sooo HUGE that there are 5 or 6 different lines depending on which ticket you had.

There were 12 of us in our group. We should have had a line of our own.

Group Shot - Taken just after the show
We were in line for about 10 minutes and then i made a friend.
This strange kid (look around 16 but acting around 8) turned to me in the line started talking to me.
He asked me where i was from because i had a funny accent and i said Australia... He looked at me confused.

Then he noticed i was wearing a Disneyland badge which said 'I'm Celebrating'. Nataly got one each for BJ and I from the reception desk because we love free shit.

"I'm Celebrating!"
He read it and said 'What are you celebrating?' looking at my badge. For a minute i was confused and then remembered i was wearing the badge and replied 'Being awesome of course'.

The confused boy then replied 'I dont know what awesome is, but you can't celebrate it!!'

And i burst into laughter.

Not long after we realised that we were in the wrong line. The kid had turned to face the front of the line and before he could turn back around we were gone.

For the rest of the trip I was constantly being told that i couldn't celebrate being awesome.

The World of Color was incredible as i said in my previous blog. Half of our group decided to go into the 'Wet Zone'. It was closer to the water and not like a splash zone, more just a mist zone. It was quiet refreshing and awesome to being soo close to the front.

Photo during the show
BJ and I loved every second of the show. As this photo will show you. (Check out the weird guy in the background)

And here is a photo of the wet zone group.

Such an amazing night filled with friends, laughter, food, music and water... What more could you ask for?!

I wish everyone could see this show.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

12 months ago - Part 1

I decided to do handful of blogs about what BJ and I were up to this time last year.

It dawned on my this morning that it's been 12 months since we were over in America visiting all our wonderful friends.

We first went to the United States in July 2008. Were we spend 2 and 1/2 months travelling around the country before heading off to Europe for another 2 months and then a week in Tokyo and a week in Phuket to finish the adventure.

While in the States we ment soo many wonderful, amazing people and we knew we'd have to get back there so we promised that in 2 years we would. And we kept that promise. August 2010 we flew back over. This time only for a month and four stops to catch up with our friends all over the country and also to meet up with new friends along the way.

So Part 1 is about LA... One of our more favourite places to be. We arrived on Sunday morning from memory and was greet by Sal and Nat at the airport with a homemade welcome sign. Covered with memories from our last visit as well as some that we were going to make this time around.
So the plan for our week in LA was a busy one. Sooo much to do. We had a three day park hopper pass to Disneyland (again) AND we were going to go to Medieval Times (Finally). On top of that we had a heap of other fun stuff planned including: Umami Burger, In n Out, Pinkberry, Hooters AND Bowling night, Flea Market, Kid Robot, Japan LA, Buca Di Beppo, Downtown Disney and much more.

The day we arrived Sunset Junction was on which is a massive street fair right around the corner from where we were saying at Sal and Nat's. We walked up there (after a nap on the couch of course) and wandered the street for the afternoon. 
BJ was super excited about purchasing Roasted corn on the street.
BJ - Super excited about Roasted corn on the street
 Our first meal one arriving in LA was at Nataly's parents place. A delicious home cooked feast. That evening we went to Umami Burger. This trip was a total burger fest and Umami was where we had our first dinner of our trip and our last... Good times.

After Umami (Which was AMAZING!) We went to the movies. This cute little theatre just up the road. Where BJ and I fell asleep during the film... Jetlag caught up with us, but it was only Scott Pilgrim vs The World so we didn't miss much. 
New Toys - Bargain Box
We had so much fun in LA (like we always do).Caught up with lot's of old friends and met some new ones.
Group shot in line for Toy Story 3D ride

Glorious In n Out Burger
Bowling dance
Medival Times!!!!
Everyone doing the 'BJ Face' on Tower of Terror
 BJ had this stupid face he constantly pulls in photos and it became a thing to pull that face for the ride cameras.

Love this photo - Wet Zone before World of Color

World of Color

The most amazing creation I've ever seen. I can't even explain it to you. If you go here you can see some videos i took during the show.
Group Shot
Hidden Mickey
I was on a mission to find hidden Mickey's this time around and I got quiet a few photos of ones i found. This one i thought was very clever. In the painted whore carpark (That's Daisy Duck for those of your playing at home)

Does it get any better than LED fairy floss??

The Pope Room
For those of you who don't know there is a resturant in the States called Buca Di Beppo which serves Italian food, Family style. It's delicious and each resturant has a 'Pope room' which is a statue of the pop in a glass box on a lazy susan in the middle of the table... It's FANTASTIC!! Our first time over we went and vowed that next time we would get enough people there to be able to book the pope room.
Next time we go i want to sit at the table that's in the kitchen... It'll be loud but awesome. 

Thanks to Sal, Nataly, Jenae, Chris, Ryan, Lani, Nate, Duncan and of course Shultzman for making our trip back to LA one we'll never forget.

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Part 2 will be in St Augustine, Florida. 


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Fork This - Episode 13

New episode for Fork This. BJ and I make Pumpkin Pie... BJ and I first had pumpkin pie in Wisconsin in October 2008 after a delicious Faux-giving dinner with friends. We've wanted to make it since but just never got around to it. A couple of episodes back we found an imported can of American Pumpkin Pie filling and HAD to buy it.  It was absolutely delicious and we will definately be making this as a regular dessert in our home.

Fork This - 013 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mutilated Lips 5

It's been about a month since i shared one of my Mutilated Lips comic's with you all.


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fork This - Episode 12

New episode of Fork This

Fork This - 012 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

BJ and I make pankcakes for breakfast. 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There's a little OCD in all of us

Over the years i've learnt that everyone is a little obsessive compulisive. They might avoid walking on cracks in the footpath, Feel the need to wash their hands more regularly then most or smell everything they look at (I'm looking at you BJ).

There is nothing wrong with this... It's something that really fansinates me.
So i thought i'd share with you some of my little obsessive behaviours which tend to go unnoticed by most people.

1./ mm's have to be eaten in order by colour - Lightest to Darkest.
I will grab out a handful, line them up in order on my desk and then munch on them one at a time. When i get to the last ones and i get stuck with lot's of one colour i will order them lightest to darkest as best i can until i can't anymore. (This isn't my only candy related obsessive behaviour, but i'll be here all night if i list them all.)

2./ I'm constantly cleaning my ears.
I hate the feeling of water in my ears so after every shower i get out the cotton bud and clean out my ears. Sometimes i'll just feel like i need to clean one but once i start on one i have to do both.

3./ I like to tweeze.
I can't help it... I see a hair that needs removing and our come the tweezers and i go crazy. BJ hates being around me at this time because once i'm done with me... It's his turn!!

4./ When i'm nervous or uncomfortable i play with my ring.
I've had this ring since i turned 16 and i'm always wearing it. I will spin it, stare at it and distract myself with it if i'm in an uncomfortable situation.

5./I have to have a little bit of everything.
I'm like Adam Richman when i'm eating a meal, I need to try and get a little bit of everything on my plate in my mouth in one bite. I can't just eat the meat, then the potatoes then the vegies etc... That's not how i roll.

So there is an insight to SOME of my little obsessive behaviours... Let me know what you OC behaviours are.


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Owl Obsession

I've developed a bit of an Owl Obsession over the last few years
I think it came from being in Wisconsin with Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus (From The Dawn and Drew show) staying on their farm and Dawn had a collection of figurines which i fell in love with.

I'm a strange collector... I don't just collect one particular thing.

I have a lot of different collections:
- Coca cola collection
- Camera collection (Digital, film, toy + lens etc)
- Figurines collection (Inaction figurines, Kid Robot blind boxes etc)
- Spongebob collection
- Tickets collection (movies, theatre, concerts, flights etc)
- Around the world trinkets collection (bottle caps, stones, menus, brochures etc)
- Keyring collection
- Japanese Vending Machine collection
- Sticker collection
- Sunglasses collection

Just to name a few.

On top of that i have a MASSIVE DVD collection and a HUGE craft supplies collection. Which i don't REALLY count as 'collections'. BJ and I discussed this recently and i feel a collection is something that you look out for no matter where you are. Something that takes prime spot on your shelf, that you protect from being damaged in any way.  Something that when people visit and see they go 'wow.... I can't believe you have that!'

Anyway, Back to the owls.
Made by my friend Manda in Wisconsin

I own several pairs of owl pajama pants and this weekend i bought a pair of owl undies too hehehe.
I also have this awesome Owl pull over hoodie

I recently found this little shop near my home that i'm in love with. It is called Seventh Owl and it's a variety of things that are owl related. From Clothing, artwork, jewelry to Fabric, bags, figurines etc.

Sadly, it's closing down... On the plus side, everything is 50% off and boy did i take advantage of THAT!!!

In my recent visit i bought a bag full of goodies.

And I fell in love with this dress...

They have little mono-brows hehehee

I didn't think it was ment to be, as there were only 4 there and 3 of them were small... Just one medium and i didn't think it would fit me well enough. But when i put it on i just smiled. It looked great. I loved it. AND it was half price!!! Destiny!!

Bought a cute wallet and some adorable material too.

After finding this store i told several people and planned to visit at least once more before it closed. I kept wondering if the small dress would fit me as the medium was soo comfortable, and i was throwing around weather or not i should go back and try one on.

Before i had a chance to get their one of my worker's went and purchased herself one of the small dresses. She bought it into the office for me to see... and to try on. And guess what....

IT FIT!!!!
(Really bad picture... Sorry)

The next day I took an adventure to the store on my lunch break but alas, the small owl dress wasn't ment to be as the last one had JUST sold not moments before i arrived.

But hey... At least i know it would have fit :)

So my owl collection is getting bigger. I'll need more space soon now that i've added yet another thing to my collection of collections.

Collecting is a hoooooooot! I'd love to know what you collect, post a comment or write on my facebook and let me know.

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Fork This - Episode 11

In this episode of Fork This BJ and I took a little trip to Savers in Dandenong to pick up some bargains.

Fork This - 011 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

BJ purchased the blue jumper he tries on and I got the leather jacket... Such a rock star.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goals - July/August

I really failed at my July Goals. A lot of them just got pushed aside until all of a sudden it was the 31st and I'd only ticked off two.... Booo Smorgy, boooo!!!

This month I've managed to tick off a few more of July's goals mostly because i can't really think of any new goals to set for this month.

BJ and I have started cook every Sunday... Weather it's dinner for the family like in episode 9 of Fork This

FTI TV - 009 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

or a sweet treat or dessert (Which MIGHT be coming up in a future Fork This episode for you).

Last Saturday I got my resin out and BJ and I created some new molds and pieces. It was pretty successful and i have BJ to thank for that. He motivated me to get it out and gave me the postivite vibes to make it work.

I now have two new ring molds and some awesome Diamond molds.
I still have to sand and polish my pieces but i'm really happy with how some of them turned out.

I haven't really gotten much more hoop practise in apart from at class. But last night i learnt some AWESOME new tricks which ill try and get some footage of them to show you.
My hands are sooo bruised right now and i coped the hoop to the face and have a nice red mark on my lip.

I rang the insurance company and the idiot who hit me made some cock and bull lie about how he's been away all this time EVEN THOUGH i've recieved contact from him. He is trying to make it that it's my fault and i will not have that. SO i'm taking the matter further and now the insurance company wants me to draw them a pretty little picture of the incident... Because apparently a drawing can only tell the truth.

So because i can't think of any more goals for this month i'm going to continue with July's goals and hopefully i can have them crossed off and have some new ones come to mind by September.

Fingers crossed.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Looking to the future

Recently i got my friend Jessica Mullen from The Popular Podcast to do a reading for me to give me a little idea of what my  future holds.

She did a three card reading which came up really positive and helped me look forward to the rest of 2011.

Past: 9 of cups reversed
Present: wheel of fortune
Future: the sun

The 9 of cups indicates that you may have been spiritually empty in the past. Drained, not satisfied with your internal world.
The wheel of fortune indicates that you have gathered enough power to take control of your own fate. All of your power, all of your potential fortune, lies in the present.
The sun represents becoming enlightened - to be literally lit up with light.

The Outcome:
The reading means that while you may have felt empty or unsatisfied before, you now have a turning point available in your present situation. You can't make the wrong decision - what's important is that you arrived at the turning point at all. You can't go back from there!
The sun is your future no matter what choice you make. Light! Vision! Clarity!
It really put a smile on my face to see that life is moving ahead and that my future WILL be bright and happy.

Thanks for the reading Jessica :)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fork This - Episode 10

Can't believe we have been successful at getting an episode out every Sunday for 10 weeks... Go us!!!

In this episode BJ and I celebrate 6 years of our lives together with an adventure of sorts and we took the camera along to get some footage for you all.

Check it out:

Fork This - 010 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Gold Class Experience

Yesterday was BJ and my anniversary... 6 years... Wow!

I won't go into detail about that in this blog though as it's going to be about Village Gold Class.

I recently was given two gold class tickets and food vouchers and decided to use them on our anniversary to see Captain America.

(How awesome is that poster!!)

I have never been to Gold Class before. I don't see the point of spending soo much money to go to the movies. Normal cinemas are expensive enough. But hey, I'm not going to say no to a freebie.

We rocked up to Village Knox and got in the 'Gold Class' tickets line... Didn't make any difference as the staff still served 6 other people before we got served. It was early afternoon so they only had the grandma's working the counter and boy are they sloooooooooooooooow.

We finally got our tickets and went to kill some time.

Once it was closer to our movie session we headed up to Gold Class and was greeted by an overly happy gentleman. He gave us menus to look over.

We decided to spend all of our food vouchers and this was probably the only time I would ever got to Gold Class so we went a little crazy. Popcorn, drinks, Malteesers, mm's, snakes PLUS Wedges mid-movie and a sticky date pudding to share towards the end of the film.

They opened the doors and invited us into the cinema.
We sat down and naturally adjusted the seat so we were reclined and comfortable. Then just before the previews started our popcorn and drink were served... Followed up our confectionary... Elegantly displayed in martini glasses.

The looked fancy but all i could think was 'Im not planning to eat ALL of this... How the hell do i take it home?!'

This is my 'Look excited to be in Gold Class' face.

We got ourselves comfy, the lights dimmed and the trailers began.
Unfornately one of those trailers was for Green Lantern - Man that does NOT look good.

BUT fortunately one was for The Dark Knight Rises which were are very excited about.

Captain Amercia was very enjoyable. The affects were great. I loved how they made him bigger.

Stan Lee's cameo was funny as. We weren't expecting it to be such a long film and it certainly didn't feel like it was that long.

At the half way mark in came our wedges... They were extremely salty, to the point that after 4 they just tasted terrible and i couldn't eat any more. They came with some kind of relish which wasn't nice at all.

I went back to munching on my candy and popcorn but had to slow down on my drink as i was desperate for the bathroom and couldn't bring myself to run out during the movie because i didn't want to miss anything.

Then out came the sticky date pudding... The sauce was tasty but the pudding itself... Well, i've had better.
The base of the pudding was very chewy and the middle was like it wasn't entirely cooked through.

You'd think a $15 bowl of wedges which be the BEST wedges in the world and a $15 sticky date pudding would be orgazmic.... Food Fail by Village.

But the food wasn't going to ruin my experience because Captain A was going great.

The two things that i didn't like in the movie were
1/ Before Hugo Weaving took off his face, all i could picture was him saying 'Mr Anderson'
2/ When he did take off his face... I didn't know Voldermort was in Captain America!!

The movie finished up and i ran to the toilet, know i'd have time to get there any back before the credits ended.

There were maybe 10 of us in the cinema for the movie but when i came back it was just BJ and one guy cleaning.. They all LEFT!!
Don't these idiots know what comes after a Marvel film... WHY would you pay to go to Gold Class and see this movie if you weren't going to wait till the end of the credits for The Avengers teaser?!!?!

A teaser which was AWESOME!!!!
Sooo excited for that movie.

Once we finished viewing that we gathered our stuff and i headed out with my glasses of candy. 'Could i please have a small popcorn box to take my leftovers home?' I asked the guy behind the counter. 'Oh no... I can't give you a popcorn box' - WHAT THE FUCK!??!?!! Why Not????
Instead i was handed some freezer bags to put my candy in... Outraged I was!

We would have done our lazy man exit down the escalator but it was out of order... So we had to tackle the stairs.

So my Gold Class experience was complete. The seats were great, the food, not so much.
The movie was awesome but still would have been in a normal cinema or VMax so Gold Class doesn't get points for that.

One other thing i would like to mention is that the toilets in Gold Class suck... The door to the cubicle opens and literally scraps along the toilet seat is sooo small. You have to walk in and squeeze yourself down the side of the toilet next to the toilet roll holder to get the door closed... Would hate to be a large person trying to go pee that's for sure.

Captain America 3.5/5
Gold Class - 2/5 (hahahaha)

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fork This - Episode 9

NEW Fork This... BJ and I make Chicken and Almonds and Sweet potato fries for the family.

FTI TV - 009 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

The fries didn't turn out the best... Trial and error. We will try them again soon though.
Chicken and Almonds was as delicious as always. I'm excited to get to eat the leftovers for lunch today at work.

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