Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm a Pro

Today is my full day of using my new Macbook Pro and all i can say is - I LOVE IT!!!

His name is Kenny Powers and he is soo beautiful.
Dont get me wrong, i loved Samson (my first macbook) but i got to a point that he just wasnt fast enough or up to what i needed. So i had to upgrade. But im not complaining.

I found out just after deciding to upgrade that if i did it before the end of december, i can claim 50% back on tax because it's a business purchase.... Yeeee!!!

One thing i have learnt since getting my pro is - don't try to wirelessly transfer over 100gb worth of data... It takes a REALLY long time.

Im soo excited to get back to working on my website and hopefully have it back online soon.

Yay for Pro's

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Crafting

I got an order last week from a friend for 7 necklaces and a bracelet... She basically let me swim in my creative juices and come up with 8 beautiful pieces that i am soo proud of.

I had different ages and genders that i needed to suit and i think (hope) that they will please everyone.

More pictures up on my Silhouettesofknights facebook page

I am hoping a will get some time this week to work more on my website and FINALLY get it up and running. It will offer soo much, but if anything isnt on there, PLEASE as me because if i can create it, i will. email me at if you would like any custom orders made.

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