Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Looking to the future

Recently i got my friend Jessica Mullen from The Popular Podcast to do a reading for me to give me a little idea of what my  future holds.

She did a three card reading which came up really positive and helped me look forward to the rest of 2011.

Past: 9 of cups reversed
Present: wheel of fortune
Future: the sun

The 9 of cups indicates that you may have been spiritually empty in the past. Drained, not satisfied with your internal world.
The wheel of fortune indicates that you have gathered enough power to take control of your own fate. All of your power, all of your potential fortune, lies in the present.
The sun represents becoming enlightened - to be literally lit up with light.

The Outcome:
The reading means that while you may have felt empty or unsatisfied before, you now have a turning point available in your present situation. You can't make the wrong decision - what's important is that you arrived at the turning point at all. You can't go back from there!
The sun is your future no matter what choice you make. Light! Vision! Clarity!
It really put a smile on my face to see that life is moving ahead and that my future WILL be bright and happy.

Thanks for the reading Jessica :)

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