Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LA Memories Creeping into my Head

So i did part 1 a couple of days ago but sooo many things are popping into my head that i didn't put in that blog.
All these memories flooding back.

Little jokes we had... Things that happened which i don't have photographic evidence of... Such great moments.

One of my memories is from when we went to Disneyland to see the World of Color show we got in a line we believe to be ours. This show is sooo HUGE that there are 5 or 6 different lines depending on which ticket you had.

There were 12 of us in our group. We should have had a line of our own.

Group Shot - Taken just after the show
We were in line for about 10 minutes and then i made a friend.
This strange kid (look around 16 but acting around 8) turned to me in the line started talking to me.
He asked me where i was from because i had a funny accent and i said Australia... He looked at me confused.

Then he noticed i was wearing a Disneyland badge which said 'I'm Celebrating'. Nataly got one each for BJ and I from the reception desk because we love free shit.

"I'm Celebrating!"
He read it and said 'What are you celebrating?' looking at my badge. For a minute i was confused and then remembered i was wearing the badge and replied 'Being awesome of course'.

The confused boy then replied 'I dont know what awesome is, but you can't celebrate it!!'

And i burst into laughter.

Not long after we realised that we were in the wrong line. The kid had turned to face the front of the line and before he could turn back around we were gone.

For the rest of the trip I was constantly being told that i couldn't celebrate being awesome.

The World of Color was incredible as i said in my previous blog. Half of our group decided to go into the 'Wet Zone'. It was closer to the water and not like a splash zone, more just a mist zone. It was quiet refreshing and awesome to being soo close to the front.

Photo during the show
BJ and I loved every second of the show. As this photo will show you. (Check out the weird guy in the background)

And here is a photo of the wet zone group.

Such an amazing night filled with friends, laughter, food, music and water... What more could you ask for?!

I wish everyone could see this show.


PS: I may do more of these as the memories come floating back. It's fun. Pin It

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