Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fork This 61 - Crackle

This week I forced BJ into making me Chocolate Crackles. I may have eaten one and got a headache and now the fridge is full of them haha.

Enjoy the dance intermission from Coopy and I

PS: It's taken me 2 months to get BJ to put the facebook link at the end of the video... Better late then never i guess.


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Fork This 60 - Wall Paint & Bronx

This week BJ and I went and picked up the paint for our feature wall and we painted that bitch.

Oh and we also hung some awesome artwork which we recently got framed (finally).

Check it out


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy *No Spoilers*

BJ and I are both really excited about the final Batman this Thursday. BJ LOVES this trilogy and has been talking about it non-stop for 12 months, waiting it to be out... If you've spoken to him, im sure he's mentioned Batman... A LOT! I too love this trilogy but am excited for another reason. This Batman trilogy is the first new trilogy BJ and I have experienced together from start to finish and I am excited and sad for it to come to an end.

Batman Begins was the FIRST movie we ever saw together. We went to Reading Cinemas in Chirnside Park and it was before we were even dating and only the second time we'd hung out together. Batman Begins was the start of what was to become a very large (and expensive) addiction between BJ and I. We love going to the cinemas and if we could we'd go every week.

Dark Knight was viewed at a cinema in Seattle, WA. It was released just before our 3rd anniversary (Which we celebrated at Disneyland) and we were left with a whopper of a story from our adventure to the cinemas. The day had us walking 5 miles to a cinema only to find they weren't playing Dark Knight, then another mile to the next cinema, walking down the side of a busy road which wasn't pedestrian friendly, only to come out of the movie late at night, stranded, with no taxi's around and the fear of not knowing how we'd get back to our motel.

In the end we got a lift from a very friendly fella who played talk back church radio the whole drive back to the motel and wouldn't accept any money from us. Good times!

And now here we are at The Dark Knight Rises which came out right before our anniversary once again. It will be our 7th anniversary... Oh my, how time flies. We have followed this Trilogy for our whole relationship and we were so excited for the final instalment of what has been a great trilogy.

BJ and I walked out of the cinemas opening night, gave each other a big hug and just smiled.

It's the end of an era.... But I look forward to many more trilogies in our future.


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fork This 59 - Hot Dog Chips

This weeks episode BJ bought hot dog chips and basically we just tasted them for the camera.

It's riveting stuff.


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monthly Album - FEBRUARY

BJ's Words:

Seeing and hearing the other albums in the monthly swap, I realised that I needed to up my game and make some big steps forward.

I heard the Saul Williams song when I got his new album and it blew my mind, I knew it was going to be the one that opened the album. The clapping, the synths, the spoken word to open it up, it was perfect.

I filled the rest of the album up with songs that packed a little bit of punch but weren't too in your face.

The artwork I wanted to make desolate, the cover, two thirds sky, the remaining part to look simple yet grabs your attention. I wanted the artwork to fold open and there to be an image inside, we made it work.

Looking back, putting the track list on the inside of the foldout was a mistake, but one that I did learn from.



Reach For The Sun - Saul Williams
If You See Light - The Mountain Goats
Energy - The Apples In Stereo
Tony The Tiger - Manchester Orchestra
From The Hips - Cursive
Beatles Or Stones - Beady Eye
Thickfreakness - The Black Keys
We Need A Myth - Okkervil River
Just For Today - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Transdermal Celebration - Ween
The Ship Song - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A Visual Selection:


February had a mini poster the the track list printed on the inside of the booklet and a promo video


©February 2012 FTI RECORDS. Another album of solid gold treats, although this one is dated correctly. January had a misprint on the dates, if was an oversite by FTI Records and we refuse to apologize, so take your complaints and jam them where the sun dont shine. See you in March you damn nazis, I dont mean you killed a bunch of jews, Im pretty sure you understand, Pigs.

My Thoughts:

This album starts with an artist which I'm not really a fan of. This had me worried that I would let that cloud my judgement and stop me from enjoying this album. But even now (in July) FEBRUARY one of my favourite albums. It's got such a great flow about it and some of my favourite artists (The Mountain Goats, Ween). This album doesn't just stick to one genre and even though it does jump around a fair bit it still works soo well. 

We'd love to know what you think of FEBRUARY so if you would like a digital copy of this album please send me an email

Smorgy & BJ

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fork This 58 - The Honeycombers

This week BJ and I had holidays at home with The Cooperson and I attempted to make Honeycomb.

I think that I under cooked it a bit... Hopefully I get it right next time.


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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fork This 57 - Horse Cake

This weeks episode I surprised BJ with a horse cake when he got home from work. The best part was the horse cake had a baby... TWO HORSE CAKES!!!


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