Monday, September 26, 2011

Fork This - Episode 17

In this episode of Fork This BJ attempts a burger challenge at Captain America's in Ferntree Gully.
Watch and see how he goes with his massive challenge.

This is Fork vs Food

Fork This - 017 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Love Colors Review

A couple of months ago i was in our local shopping center and i walked past Ishka peering into their window. I stopped as soon as i saw all the manikin's wearing these awesome bright coloured tights.

The tights stood out soo much i they were all i talked about for awhile.

A couple of weeks later i went with my sister and we both bought some as they were on sale.

The tights are by a company called We Love Colors and once we found this out we both went home and did some online window shopping.

They have a HUGE range of tights with more colours then i've ever seen available.

I've never been much of a tights wearer as i found my legs were too big and that they didn't look good.
But i decided to give them a go as they were soo pretty.

The pair i bought from Ishka were Turquoise. I loved them soo much that i bought a pair of Maroon and Hunter Green as well.

 As Ishka they only have S/M sized tights so i crossed my fingers that they'd fit. And they did. But i felt that i was constantly having to wiggle them up and re-adjust them to feel comfortable.

So when i ordered the other two pairs (directly from the We Love Colors site during a Free shipping to Australia deal) I got them in M/L.

They fit perfectly and i didn't feel the need to adjust them so often.
The turquoise one's have stretched a bit now and are a lot better then they were first wear, but i think in future i will continue to get the M/L as my legs are quiet long.

These tights are fantastic. The are thick but not too thick that you can't wear them on warmer days.
The colours are bold and even when i've stretched them out over my large thighs they still look like a solid colour.

One of my biggest things about tights is that i have leg tattoos and i don't like how my tattoo's look when i have tights on. I love the We Love Colors tights because you can't see through them so i don't end up looking like i'm wearing tights with fake tattoo's printed on them... I'm not one of those people.

AND their variety isn't just with the colours... They have leggings, footless, 3/4 length. They have different materials from microfiber to Lycra and they also do fishnets and socks in these awesome colours too.

I will continue to buy tights from We Love Color as I LOVE them.
PLUS There customer service is GREAT.

Here are some photos of some cute outfit's i've put together with my awesome tights.

~ Turquoise ~

~ Hunter Green ~

~ Maroon ~

My sister also order some pairs of tights. She got funky striped ones to wear when she's Hula Hooping. I took a couple of photos to add.

~ Scout Green and White Stripes ~

 I recommend We Love Colors to anyone looking for some funky, good quality tights.


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