Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goals - July/August

I really failed at my July Goals. A lot of them just got pushed aside until all of a sudden it was the 31st and I'd only ticked off two.... Booo Smorgy, boooo!!!

This month I've managed to tick off a few more of July's goals mostly because i can't really think of any new goals to set for this month.

BJ and I have started cook every Sunday... Weather it's dinner for the family like in episode 9 of Fork This

FTI TV - 009 from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

or a sweet treat or dessert (Which MIGHT be coming up in a future Fork This episode for you).

Last Saturday I got my resin out and BJ and I created some new molds and pieces. It was pretty successful and i have BJ to thank for that. He motivated me to get it out and gave me the postivite vibes to make it work.

I now have two new ring molds and some awesome Diamond molds.
I still have to sand and polish my pieces but i'm really happy with how some of them turned out.

I haven't really gotten much more hoop practise in apart from at class. But last night i learnt some AWESOME new tricks which ill try and get some footage of them to show you.
My hands are sooo bruised right now and i coped the hoop to the face and have a nice red mark on my lip.

I rang the insurance company and the idiot who hit me made some cock and bull lie about how he's been away all this time EVEN THOUGH i've recieved contact from him. He is trying to make it that it's my fault and i will not have that. SO i'm taking the matter further and now the insurance company wants me to draw them a pretty little picture of the incident... Because apparently a drawing can only tell the truth.

So because i can't think of any more goals for this month i'm going to continue with July's goals and hopefully i can have them crossed off and have some new ones come to mind by September.

Fingers crossed.

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