Monday, January 10, 2011

Memories from 2010

So 2010 was an exciting year. A lot happened and here is a short list of some of the more excited things.


Was mostly spent working on my website and try to get it to a point that I was happy to upload it for the world. (Note: it is now in desperate need of an update)


I had my first attempt at working with resin and loved it. Even though I haven’t perfected it yet, I still enjoy getting it out and making a mess.


BJ and I went to the Mary and Max exhibition in the city. Had a visit from one of our USA friends Chappy. BJ and I also got to experience Tapas and Korean BBQ for the first time… Delicious!


I met Rich Fulcher!!! We appeared in our friend Broni’s music video and took my niece to the zoo for the first time.


BJ’s car decided to break down in the middle of a major road and the police had to push him out of the way. 


Their was my niece’s 4th birthday (not to mention a heap of other birthdays). I started re-organising my room and our good friend Kelly came to visit us from Canada (via Canberra).


Was BJ’s birthday where he got the AWESOME Freaks and Geeks yearbook box set. I bought a new massive tv for myself, got a little crafty for a friend and got out our box of souvenirs from our last trip to get us excited for the next.


Had me crafting some more before the trip. We saw Stephen Lynch Live. BJ and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together. Then we headed back to the States for a month of travelling and catching up with great friends (Oh and had many trips to Disneyland)


We continued our time in the states. We got to go to Nashville and visit the honkey tonks, we spent a weekend having a massive barn party. But the biggest highlight of all… we calved our first pumpkin J


I bought a new car!!! We saw Mariachi El Bronx live and up close. Went to the Tim Burton Exhibition. Oh and it’s was my birthday


Saw me spending time with the people I love with a trip to the Miniature Trains and I clicked over the 600 kmh mark in my car. (Slow month)


I got a little creative again. My niece and I made a gingerbread house for Christmas. BJ and I had our first paint balling experience. I got my old car ready to sell and we bought in the new year with some good friends and fun.

Good times, Good times... Looking forward to move fun in 2011. 

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

50 New-To-Me Movies for 2010

In 2010 i decided to try and watch 50 movies I'd never seen before and i managed to succeed (squeezing two in on the 31/12/10).

Here is a list of what i saw

  • Fantastic Mr Fox – 4/5 – Very enjoyed the animation and story. Definitely not a children’s film.
  • Degrassi goes to Hollywood – 3/5 – Wasn’t like watching Degrassi, but still fun to watch.
  • Iron Man – 3/5 – Even though not much really happens I enjoyed watching it. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Robert Downey Jr or because it was good :P
  • Nine – 2/5 – Completely cut all of Kate Hudson and it would be watchable again. But it’s no Chicago.
  • Mary and Max – 4/5 – Animation was awesome, Story was fucked up but I loved it

  • Synecdoche New York – 1/5 – I just hated it. DONT WATCH THIS!!!
  • Funny People – 3/5 – I enjoyed it, it was better then I heard it would be. Long but actually funny.
  • Running with Scissors – 2.5-3/5 – I was shocked to find out it was a based on a true story. It was crazy (literally).
  • Alice in Wonderland – 2/5 – It was alright but not great. Tim Burton needs to stop ‘burtonizing’ every movie ever made and write his own again.
  • He’s just not that into you – 2/5 – It wasn’t fantastic. Your typical chick flick with the happy ending. But I liked it
  • Post Grad – 2/5 – It was an average film. Only watched it because Alexis Bledel was in it. But it had a pretty big cast.
  • Kick Ass – 4/5 – BRILLANT!!
  • The men who stare at goats – 2.5/5 – I enjoyed it. It was a little silly, but wasn’t a waste of time.
  • My name is Bruce – 2.5/5 – Oh my god… hahaa. I wasn’t expecting anything special and it was soo stupid, but sooo brillant.
  • Cop Out – 3/5 – It was great. Very funny.
  • Harold & Kumar 2 – 2.5/5 – Yes a lower rating but only because its not a masterpiece. It is however very funny and stupid

  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – 3.5/5 – A fun movie, without being stupid.
  • Whatever Works – 2/5 – Who’d of thought Larry David could be worse then he is in Curb.
  • Where the wild things are – 3/5 – Beautiful film. Amazing costumes. But I worry if I think about it too much ill like it less.
  • 27 Dresses – 2/5 – Its predictable but not boring. I love the comment ‘its great because you can shorten it and wear it again’

  • Rachel’s Getting Married – 2.5/5 – I was not expecting an arthouse movie so I was a bit surprised. It was a bit all over the shop and a lot didn’t make sense (eg: Indian themed attire for the wedding).
  • Whip It – 3.5/5 – I really enjoyed this film
  • Iron Man 2 – 4/5 – GREAT!
  • Best In Show – 3/5 – Funny mockumatery of a dog show


  • Paper Heart – 3/5 – It had it’s funny moments but I was expecting it to be funnier
  • Toy Story 3 – 4.5/5 – Beautiful way to finish up that trilogy
  • Inception – 4/5 – Very well done.. Wrapped up in the end perfectly
  • Im Reed Fish – 2/5 – Wasn’t anything special. Was expecting it to be better           
  • Hot Tub Time Machine – 5/5 – BRILLANT!!!
  • She’s Out of Your League – 2/5 – Wasn’t terrible, had funny moments
  • Band Slam – 2/5 – Was entertaining.. Put it on to fall asleep to but watched the entire movie
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World – 2/5 – Wasn’t as good as people said it was
  • Wedding Crashers – 2/5 - Laughed a bit but nothing really memorable
  • + watched half of 'I Love You Man' (Haven't counted it as i haven't finished it)

  • The Karate Kid – 2/5 – Enjoyable but not fantastic (I love Jackie Chan)
  • Streetdance – 1/5 – Soo bad but had to finish it
  • Sherlock Holmes – 2.5/5 – Not as good as I thought it’d be
  • I’m still here – 4/5 – Very different but good.
  • Easy A – 4/5 – It was entertaining!
  • Buried – 4/5 – Very different. And thankfully they didn’t fuck up the ending
  • The Social Network – 4/5 – well written, well acted
  • Jackass 3D – 5/5 – Hilarious
  • The First Daughter – 1/5 – Poo
  • The Bunny House – 2/5 – Funny… ‘Mysterious’
  • The Vicious Kind – 4/5 - I dont know what to say. Wow
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall – 3/5 - Enjoyable. Cant complain when VM is involved
  • Sex and the City Movie – 1/5 - Terrible
  • Dukes of Hazzard – 2/5 - Watchable.
  • Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows – 4/5 - It was made to line everything up for the final part... And it did that very well
  • The Actors – 2.5/5 – I wasn’t really in the mood for it I don’t think, but it was enjoyable
  • When in Rome – 3/5 – I loved the cast, it was goofy but fun
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