Monday, November 28, 2011

Fork This - Episode 27

 Lazy. Sunday. Fun.

Fork This 27 - A Sunday Afternoon from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fork This - Episode 26

Today we went to the new mega Ikea that recently opened here and got some stuff for the house.
I've been sick all week so it was a nice adventure (Event with my coughing fits)

Fork This 26 - Ikea. from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mutilated Lips 7

It's been a while (mainly because i forgot i still had two more to post). This one was my least favourite and i had to change it so that i was semi-happy enough with it to post it. And i tell you what editing this wasn't easy.

It was an absolute bitch. So you better like it :P


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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fork This - Epsiode 25

Shortest episode yet!

Fork This 25 - Forken Homeowners from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

Fast exposure setting on... Button held down... 85 photos taken... while we put our sold sticker up!
Sooo much fun. Very excited... Jumping for Joy!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Slacker, the Assholes and the Vent

I am embarrassed with how slack I've been lately with my blogging.

The world is just moving soo fast and I can't seem to keep up with everything.

So what's been going on lately... We'll.... BJ and I bought a house. Which is super awesome and exciting. BUT also very stressful. As neither of us have lived out of home we don't have a lot of the important BIG things like a fridge, a couch, a washing machine. It became very daunting thinking of all the things we need.

We've managed to round up a heap of furniture (most of which has been free) and got some other big items we needed. The couch, we decided to buy new... Something nice that we've picked to go with our house, that no one else has 'pre-loved'.

Right now the only things we really need are kitch based (Because there is SO much needed in that room) and cleaning items/products.

We get our keys early January and start making our big move into REAL adulthood.

My brain has been a pile of mush lately. Dealing with the house - Putting in the offer, waiting, and waiting and waiting for an answer, trying to keep our news between us (and imediate family) until it was ready to be shared. Dealing with applications and finance approval and valuations and deposits.
Thinking about all the things we need and want and have to do when we move in.

There is a horrible feature wall that MUST be painted out first thing... So right now we are trying to decide what colour to paint the new feature wall.... Which is just painting over the current one, but painting that one out and changing which wall is a feature. So we actually have to paint the whole lounge room and kitchen so it all matches.

I've had a lot of restless nights lately, we disturbing dreams and i wake up feeling like i haven't slept a wink. My brain just wont shut down. Things are getting to me easily. Stress is taking over.

On top of our great news about our house, this week i got some bad news. For my regular readers/friends/family, you'll know about the car accident BJ had in my car in April this year and all the pain i have gone through to try and get some answers/results.
The last point i was at which was about 3 weeks ago (Before purchasing the house) - The insurance company (RACV) had decided to tell me firstly, that both parties we at fault and then 30 minutes later changed their minds and decided 'Naaar... Your a fault'. I'm sure it was purely to get money because i told them i wasn't going to go through insurance to fix my repairs as it'd be cheaper to do it ANYWHERE else.

SO I've been fighting with them because i don't believe it's fair that they can just change there mind after telling me the 'final decision' and cancelling the claim when i requested it. AND i've been having to just sit around and wait for the lazy-ass other party who was in a big hurry to get his car repaired when it first happened in April but then didn't respond to RACV's calls, texts, letters etc and wasted 6 months of my life.

It got to the point that RACV cancelled the claim because he STILL hadn't done anything to get his car fixed... 'Cancel the claim, but that's great Megan' I hear you say. SUUUUUUUUURE it would be great, If the other party weren't allowed to re-open it at any point over the next SEVEN YEARS!!!

And so of course i stupidly convinced myself that he's probably going to take another 6 months to get of his ass and do something, so i started putting little bits of money aside for the excess BUT this week... When our house deposit is due, he decided to re-open the claim and i get the call 'That'll be $950' - FUCKERS!

He couldn't have waited a couple more weeks so i had the money aside prepared?!

I get really angry about this topic (As you can probably tell) because i've done the right thing since day one and RACV and the other party have both fucked me.

This week i've said goodbye to RACV... And you know what assholes - Now you miss out on my house and contents insurance!! How do you like them apples?!

Oh and this isn't over... I'm going to the insurance ombudsman to make a MASSIVE complaint because this whole thing is just bullshit.

'But Megan, you bought a house!!! Yaaaay!' - Don't get me wrong, i am excited... But i am sooo tired from all this car shit... I'm sick of having to be the one to follow it up, having to take my car to be assessed, having to write the report and draw the diagrams, having to save the money.... It sucks!! It sucks balls... Hairy one's at that.

I'll be glad when the car is fixed, the excess has been handed over and I finally don't have to think about it anymore.

I appologise to everyone that has had to put up with my venting on this subject. It's upset the hell out of me.


PS: My car turned 1 year old last week... It's a shame his face is still all scratched up :(

PPS: Seriously, if you want to donate to help us buy our couch i would REALLY appreciate it now that I have $950 less to contribute myself. Pin It

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fork This - Episode 24

In this episode BJ and I reach out to our friends from all over the world to see if they would like to help us...

I don't think anyone can say no to these faces

Fork This 24 - Beggars from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

Please click the Donate button if you would like to help us too :)

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