Monday, June 22, 2015

Lucky Me?

What do you give the girl who already has sooo much?? Gestational Diabetes.... of course!!!

A week ago I had my glucose tolerance test and I honestly didn't think anything would come of it and then that afternoon I get a call from the hospital.

Nurse: "You have gestational diabetes"
Me: 'Haha of course I do!"

Only 3-8% of women develop it so naturally I was going to one of the lucky few.

So now on top of what seems like never ending appointments, I have to go to the hospital and sit in a seminar to learn about about my new found diabetes and be shown how to monitor my levels and keep it under control. I will be given a monitor and will need to prick my finger and test my sugar levels multiple times a day.

For those who don't know gestational diabetes is something that can develop during pregnancy and will usually go away once the baby is born but if you don't monitor it, it could cause the baby to grow quite a lot and could lead to type 2 diabetes for both you and baby in the future. Fun stuff.

29 weeks today. Is it over yet?!

Mmm sugary sweetness at 9am on an empty tummy


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No I am not stealing produce

I might look like I'm trying to steal a head of lettuce under my shirt but I'm just 26 weeks pregnant. My baby has grown and it is obvious to others now instead of just looking like I had a massive dinner.

Last week BJ felt the baby kicking for the first time and the look on his face was amazing! It was so great to see him smile and look genuinely happy and excited about what he'd just felt.

Since then she always seems to stop when he tries to feel her kicks. But for me it feels like she never stops. Constantly turning, kicking and stretching.

This year has been rough and it's nice to have a moment where we could both forget about all the shit thats going on and smile about whats to come.

I am now rockin' the maternity pants and my tshirts are getting quite tight. Adding the word 'maternity' to things is like adding the word 'wedding'.... The prices goes waaay up. Sure Target has a maternity section, which is reasonably price but you have to be a size 8 and be ok with wearing fuckin' ugly clothes.

On the other hand though Target have some adorable baby clothes. We were there on Saturday and randomly decided to purchase some little outfits. Squirrels, watermelon and cacti on tiny little baby clothes, what could be better?

Oh and I got this sweet maternity jumper. (Please ignore my tired face, I had a horrible sinus infection at the time)


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