Friday, November 27, 2015

Audrey's First Cold

It's almost over!!!

At 11 weeks old Audrey got to experience her first ever cold.. And she shared it with the WHOLE house.

BJ doesn't often get sick so when he does it hits him hard. He came home early from work Monday morning and was off sick till today. So on top of being unwell myself I had to look after two sick babies.

Audrey has taken this cold like a champion. I think she is going to take after me when it comes to being sick. Towards the end of it though she has a lot of yucky stuff wanting to come out and that's causing her a bit of a tummy upset and waking her up during naps. Poor thing!

This morning was the first moment I feel I've had where I could just be a sickie. After BJ left for work I fed Audrey and then we both went back to sleep. It was nice to just lie in bed for a bit and not have to do anything.

Don't get me wrong it was nice having BJ home this week, but I'd prefer it under different circumstances. My daily routine with Audrey was thrown out of whack. You'd think having a second pair of hands around while your sick and looking after a baby would help but it didn't really. I found myself forgetting to prepare a bottle when she was due to wake or not sterilizing more while she was sleeping.

It was nice though to see BJ finally realise just how crazy a day with Audrey can be. He was feeding her last night and commented on how it just seems like your constantly feeding her.

"It doesn't feel like 3 hours have passed"


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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Head Above Water

It's been 2 months since Audrey was born and I'm starting to feel like I've got a hang of this 'mum' thing.

In that first month i lost myself a bit. No making any time for me. When I had a break while she was napping it was mostly spent working

I've started quiet a few posts since she's been born but just haven't been in the right head space to work on them and get them right but I am hoping soon I will be able to post more. I want to document what's been going on in my life since Audrey joined us.

Over the last 2 months our world has changed. Not just for me and BJ but for our boys Gordon and Cooper. They have been so great with Audrey and I'm so proud of them.

BJ has now been back at work for a few weeks and since he went back it has given Audrey and I a chance to develop a routine. I've got a great system going with getting her down for her naps, keeping bottles clean and sterilised, getting the washing done and making sure I sit down and have a lunch break every day. I've gotten on top of my work (mostly) and I've even had a few adventures out of the house, just me and Audrey.

I've learnt very quickly that you need to add even more time then you excepted to get everyone ready and out of the house on time, that people have no respect for prams at the shops and even though there is a million things that need to be done, sometimes I just need to sit down with some chocolate and the tv and unwind.

She is a pretty cool kid and surprises me every day with how much she is learning and growing. And boy is she growing!


Look at her cheeky face
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