Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fork This 39 - Cooper VS The Bug

This weeks episode of Fork This Cooper makes friends with a beetle he finds on the deck. We kept calling him back inside and then when we weren't looking he'd sneak back out the doggy door to find/torment his buddy.


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fork This 38 - No Chicken Was Ever In There

While home BJ decided to make me some cookies because he knew I was having a bad day at work. This is what happens when you leave BJ and Cooper home alone with access to a video camera. 

Fork This 38 - No Chicken Was Ever In There from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fuck Valentines Day

I don't understand why anyone who is in a loving relationship cares about Valentines Day.
You should be feeling the love every day and shouldn't need a specific day just to show how much someone means to you. Each day that ends in Y should remind you of the love you have for each other.

In the 6 1/2 years BJ and I have been together we've not once celebrated Valentines Day... To us, it's just another day. Last night, however, BJ decided to surprise me by making me cookies with little pink hearts on them. It was super sweet of him. It was special because I wasn't expecting it.

But today is just another day... I don't want or expect flowers, chocolates or any sort of valentine surprise. I want to go home and make Taco's for dinner, do the dishes together and then cuddle up on the couch and watch House Of Lies.

Conversation between BJ and I today via text message which amused me:
Me: Someone at work just had a massive thing of flowers delivered.
BJ: Oh yeah? That's nice.
Me: Yeah.. She was pretty excited about it.
BJ: I'm not sending you flowers... Just so you know.
Me: I didn't think you would.

I am soo happy right now. I have the man, I have the house, I have the best puppy in the world.
Nothing can bring me down for this cloud I'm not right now.

I Love This Guy

My world is finally as it should be. I am the happiest I've been in a long time and I mostly have myself to thank for that. I know that sounds silly but if it wasn't for my drive to safe well and budget, I wouldn't be where i am today.

Plus once I started to realise all the things that were continuing to bring me down and make me feel like shit. I was able to remove all that negativity from my life. I'm working hard to focus on all the positive things.

I am in love with my best friend BJ and thinking about that always brings a smile to my face. We've now lived in our house together for a whole month and it's been the greatest month of my life. I've gotten to wake up every morning next to him. I enjoy coming home and cooking our dinner before he gets home from work and I love when all three of us cuddle up on the couch and watch TV at night.

I Love This Guy Too

Next week is our Housewarming and I'm looking forward to having all our friends over to warm up Tom Selleck (Our house) and celebrate this new chapter in our lives. I plan to keep only moving forward from here on. I'm not going back... Ever!

2011 was a roller coaster of a year but 2012 is coming up Milhouse!


P.S: I successfully made my first homemade ice cream cake. Ice cream made from scratch and everything. I'm soo happy that i achieved this without too much stress (BJ might say otherwise) and cannot wait to attempt more masterpieces.

 (Fork This episode coming soon)  
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fork This 37 - 37 Dicks

This episode of Fork This actually has nothing to do with dicks but it's number 37 so.. you get it (I hope).

BJ and I setup the video camera to record us unwrapping and putting together our new couch. There were 5 pieces in total to make what we like to the call 'Mega Couch!!'

Fork This 37 - 37 Dicks from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Duck Face

"A term used to describe the face made if you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips."

I'm SO over seeing the 'duck face' every time I check my Facebook or Instagram. I seriously don't know what is wrong with people. Pulling that face for photos does NOT make you look more attractive. It makes you look fucking stupid. I swear, I've never even seen some of these people smile. It's like they think if they ever posted a nice, natural photo taken of themselves on the Internet it would be the end of the world.

So Instead, they always make sure that in every photo of them, their lips are pressed so they look as if someones shoved something in the wrong place that caused them to clench up.

Is this another thing that Celebrities started and everyone wants to do because they want to be just like them?

I blame Marilyn Monroe. She started this!!!

I'm sick of having my feeds filled with these shit faces. Can you all just become those people that only post photos of their pets?

If you really feel the need to pull that face for every photo, maybe you should save up for some Botox injections and then you'd never have to force a 'duck face' because you'll look like a duck 24/7. But then expect me to 'Quack' at you every time I see you.

I know too many people who do this face and think it's OK.... It's NOT!!
The only time I will accept any form of 'duckface' is if it's captioned with 'Blue Steel'

If you don't see enough 'duck face; on your social networking sites then you can go to and enjoy the 'sexy' photos these disgusting people post online.
(Do they not realise that once it's on the Internet, it's there for life???)

PS: Just wait till i do my vent about Instagram and the people who are always attempting to be 'artistic' when they post photos of SOMEONE ELSE'S ART... What the fuck people?!


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fork This 36 - Cooper's first visit

This week's Fork This is footage from Cooper's first visit to our house.
We followed him around as he sniffed the hell out of everything and made himself at home.

Fork This 36 - Coopers First Time from BJ Carter on Vimeo.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our House : Lounge Room

I want to do a series of blogs to show you all our new house. I plan to blog about each room once we get them all setup nicely and snap some photos. Starting with our Lounge Room.

When you enter the house, you walk straight into the Lounge Room and get a view of what we like to call 'The Mega Couch'.

 Senor Ding Dong graces our front door

Mega Couch

(We have plans to paint out the horrible feature wall)

I managed to get my hands on this awesome cabinet which is perfect for displaying our DVD box sets


 I love our telephone table and thanks to a friend of ours the red phone actually works too

This cabinet opens up into a beautiful record player

We have our toy cameras on display all filmed up and ready to for anything

Soon I will have all these photos and more up on my Silhouettes Of Knights Facebook page incase anyone is wanting to see a larger version of our photos.

"Does anyone have any jumper cables?"

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