Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been awhile... Remember me?!

Ok, so since the last blog i've been over in the USA for a month visiting friends with my partner BJ.
It was a great holiday with lot's of fun memories and entertaining stories.

Now that i'm back home i'm wanting to try and get some regular craft time happening.
I've been very slack in the past only really getting to sit down maybe once a month and make something.
I may have bought back while a lot of crafty items from the States. (But i stayed under my budget)

Since i've been home i've gotten out the resin and had a bit of a play.

I hope to start sending out more regular blogs. Even if they aren't totally craft related.

P.S: On Thursday i will be attending a luncheon for the Brainlink Women of Achievement Award which my mum is nominated for. There are four finalists and we are very excited about the chance of her winning this award. Pin It