Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Resin Fun

I spent my Sunday messing around with some ideas and trying something's I'd never done before. 

Here's what i came up with:

 For more pictures and descriptions please go to  My Silhouettes Of Knights Facebook Page

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Resin Course

I had an awesome weekend, let me tell you.

As some of you know i had a bit of trouble with my resin when i first started using it. I was getting a LOT of bubbles and really wasn't happy with my finished products. So this Saturday i went out to Richmond and dis a Resin Jewelry course to see if i was doing something wrong or if i just got a bad batch. 

I came out of the course with a beautiful matching ring and cuff bracelet set. And a not soo beautiful one. hehehheee.

My Success!

My Failure!

The successful one came out as a shimmery copper colour. I think it is just stunning. 
The failure. Was ment to be a transparent orange with black wire embedded inside. With others on the day having complications also, we decided the failure was due to a bad batch of resin. Which is a shame because it would have been super cool.

I bought some more supplies whilst there. More colours and I have a heap of ideas to test out. 
I'm going to make some different molds and have a play with colours and embedding and ill see what i can come up with.

I would love you know what you think of the bangle and ring styles in my pictures. The Copper one is a cuff, with a square top ring, the reject is a unusual shape with a ripple around the outside of it, and a square ring which waves in and out.

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