Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Full Plate

So far in 2015 I have found out I was pregnant, suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness), struggled with every day things like work and doing dishes, eating proper meals, prepared our house to go on the market and sold it. 

It has really been a crazy, busy year so far and we still have so much more on our list before this baby arrives in September. The most important thing is finding a new home and moving in the next couple of months.

I have been pretty upfront and honest about my struggles through this pregnancy. When people ask me how I am I generally sugar coat it but if they ask more in depth questions I answer them truthfully. I have had many a day lately where I have thoughts about our decision to try and get pregnant and wonder if we made the right one. And I can honestly say that I do not enjoy being pregnant at all. It has not been an experience I will look back on and cherish.

I know it's going to be a distant memory once the baby comes but right now it's full on.

I'm 24 weeks along and am starting to look pregnant. The belly no longer stays hidden. I'm really self conscious about it and I am not looking forward to people grabbing at it. 

I do however I really like the look on BJ's face when he see's it. He has a look of happiness and excitement, which is nice to see.

I am TRYING to focus on the positives of this pregnancy. The main obviously being a happy, healthy baby girl at the end of it all. Our eyes were a bit bigger then our stomach when we filled our plates this year.


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