Friday, August 5, 2011

The Gold Class Experience

Yesterday was BJ and my anniversary... 6 years... Wow!

I won't go into detail about that in this blog though as it's going to be about Village Gold Class.

I recently was given two gold class tickets and food vouchers and decided to use them on our anniversary to see Captain America.

(How awesome is that poster!!)

I have never been to Gold Class before. I don't see the point of spending soo much money to go to the movies. Normal cinemas are expensive enough. But hey, I'm not going to say no to a freebie.

We rocked up to Village Knox and got in the 'Gold Class' tickets line... Didn't make any difference as the staff still served 6 other people before we got served. It was early afternoon so they only had the grandma's working the counter and boy are they sloooooooooooooooow.

We finally got our tickets and went to kill some time.

Once it was closer to our movie session we headed up to Gold Class and was greeted by an overly happy gentleman. He gave us menus to look over.

We decided to spend all of our food vouchers and this was probably the only time I would ever got to Gold Class so we went a little crazy. Popcorn, drinks, Malteesers, mm's, snakes PLUS Wedges mid-movie and a sticky date pudding to share towards the end of the film.

They opened the doors and invited us into the cinema.
We sat down and naturally adjusted the seat so we were reclined and comfortable. Then just before the previews started our popcorn and drink were served... Followed up our confectionary... Elegantly displayed in martini glasses.

The looked fancy but all i could think was 'Im not planning to eat ALL of this... How the hell do i take it home?!'

This is my 'Look excited to be in Gold Class' face.

We got ourselves comfy, the lights dimmed and the trailers began.
Unfornately one of those trailers was for Green Lantern - Man that does NOT look good.

BUT fortunately one was for The Dark Knight Rises which were are very excited about.

Captain Amercia was very enjoyable. The affects were great. I loved how they made him bigger.

Stan Lee's cameo was funny as. We weren't expecting it to be such a long film and it certainly didn't feel like it was that long.

At the half way mark in came our wedges... They were extremely salty, to the point that after 4 they just tasted terrible and i couldn't eat any more. They came with some kind of relish which wasn't nice at all.

I went back to munching on my candy and popcorn but had to slow down on my drink as i was desperate for the bathroom and couldn't bring myself to run out during the movie because i didn't want to miss anything.

Then out came the sticky date pudding... The sauce was tasty but the pudding itself... Well, i've had better.
The base of the pudding was very chewy and the middle was like it wasn't entirely cooked through.

You'd think a $15 bowl of wedges which be the BEST wedges in the world and a $15 sticky date pudding would be orgazmic.... Food Fail by Village.

But the food wasn't going to ruin my experience because Captain A was going great.

The two things that i didn't like in the movie were
1/ Before Hugo Weaving took off his face, all i could picture was him saying 'Mr Anderson'
2/ When he did take off his face... I didn't know Voldermort was in Captain America!!

The movie finished up and i ran to the toilet, know i'd have time to get there any back before the credits ended.

There were maybe 10 of us in the cinema for the movie but when i came back it was just BJ and one guy cleaning.. They all LEFT!!
Don't these idiots know what comes after a Marvel film... WHY would you pay to go to Gold Class and see this movie if you weren't going to wait till the end of the credits for The Avengers teaser?!!?!

A teaser which was AWESOME!!!!
Sooo excited for that movie.

Once we finished viewing that we gathered our stuff and i headed out with my glasses of candy. 'Could i please have a small popcorn box to take my leftovers home?' I asked the guy behind the counter. 'Oh no... I can't give you a popcorn box' - WHAT THE FUCK!??!?!! Why Not????
Instead i was handed some freezer bags to put my candy in... Outraged I was!

We would have done our lazy man exit down the escalator but it was out of order... So we had to tackle the stairs.

So my Gold Class experience was complete. The seats were great, the food, not so much.
The movie was awesome but still would have been in a normal cinema or VMax so Gold Class doesn't get points for that.

One other thing i would like to mention is that the toilets in Gold Class suck... The door to the cubicle opens and literally scraps along the toilet seat is sooo small. You have to walk in and squeeze yourself down the side of the toilet next to the toilet roll holder to get the door closed... Would hate to be a large person trying to go pee that's for sure.

Captain America 3.5/5
Gold Class - 2/5 (hahahaha)

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