Monday, August 15, 2011

Owl Obsession

I've developed a bit of an Owl Obsession over the last few years
I think it came from being in Wisconsin with Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus (From The Dawn and Drew show) staying on their farm and Dawn had a collection of figurines which i fell in love with.

I'm a strange collector... I don't just collect one particular thing.

I have a lot of different collections:
- Coca cola collection
- Camera collection (Digital, film, toy + lens etc)
- Figurines collection (Inaction figurines, Kid Robot blind boxes etc)
- Spongebob collection
- Tickets collection (movies, theatre, concerts, flights etc)
- Around the world trinkets collection (bottle caps, stones, menus, brochures etc)
- Keyring collection
- Japanese Vending Machine collection
- Sticker collection
- Sunglasses collection

Just to name a few.

On top of that i have a MASSIVE DVD collection and a HUGE craft supplies collection. Which i don't REALLY count as 'collections'. BJ and I discussed this recently and i feel a collection is something that you look out for no matter where you are. Something that takes prime spot on your shelf, that you protect from being damaged in any way.  Something that when people visit and see they go 'wow.... I can't believe you have that!'

Anyway, Back to the owls.
Made by my friend Manda in Wisconsin

I own several pairs of owl pajama pants and this weekend i bought a pair of owl undies too hehehe.
I also have this awesome Owl pull over hoodie

I recently found this little shop near my home that i'm in love with. It is called Seventh Owl and it's a variety of things that are owl related. From Clothing, artwork, jewelry to Fabric, bags, figurines etc.

Sadly, it's closing down... On the plus side, everything is 50% off and boy did i take advantage of THAT!!!

In my recent visit i bought a bag full of goodies.

And I fell in love with this dress...

They have little mono-brows hehehee

I didn't think it was ment to be, as there were only 4 there and 3 of them were small... Just one medium and i didn't think it would fit me well enough. But when i put it on i just smiled. It looked great. I loved it. AND it was half price!!! Destiny!!

Bought a cute wallet and some adorable material too.

After finding this store i told several people and planned to visit at least once more before it closed. I kept wondering if the small dress would fit me as the medium was soo comfortable, and i was throwing around weather or not i should go back and try one on.

Before i had a chance to get their one of my worker's went and purchased herself one of the small dresses. She bought it into the office for me to see... and to try on. And guess what....

IT FIT!!!!
(Really bad picture... Sorry)

The next day I took an adventure to the store on my lunch break but alas, the small owl dress wasn't ment to be as the last one had JUST sold not moments before i arrived.

But hey... At least i know it would have fit :)

So my owl collection is getting bigger. I'll need more space soon now that i've added yet another thing to my collection of collections.

Collecting is a hoooooooot! I'd love to know what you collect, post a comment or write on my facebook and let me know.

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