Monday, August 28, 2017


What I like about our anniversary is that it's just for us. It's not a family event and it's not about Audrey... We can do whatever we want, or we can do nothing.

I had to count it out but this year is 12 years together, 4 years married. You'd think I'd be able to remember that off the top of my head but really it's not something that's important to us. We know we've been together for a long fucking time so the exact number of years really doesn't matter.

BJ and I aren't your typical couple. We don't buy Anniversary presents, spend lots of money or go away for the weekend. We might go out to dinner or have takeaway but that's about it. I wouldn't care if I was cooking dinner, as long as it was just us (and now Audrey) hanging out together.

This year our Anniversary was pre-celebrated days earlier. When I say 'pre-celebrated' I mean we went out to lunch while BJ was off work sick and while at lunch I said 'This can be for our Anniversary!'.

We went to The Smokery in Lilydale for some delicious smoked meat. I highly recommend it. It was fucking delicious!

Now as some of you know BJ and my wedding Anniversary shares the same date as the day we started going out. And since our wedding each year BJ has created a 'mixed tape' for our Anniversary and we take an annual photo for the cover.

This years one has fallen a bit between the cracks with soo much other stuff going on this year so I only got it yesterday but like all the others, I love it!

A 1000 Times - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
Upon A Hill - Foxygen
Wedding in Finistere - Jens Lekman
City Music - Kevin Morby
One More Lone Song - Mac DeMarco
Wild Once - Laura Marling
Kids In The Street - Justin Townes Earle
Love Is All - The Tallest Man On Earth
Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch) - Conor Oberst
Could Never Be Heaven - Brand New
Paradise - John Prine

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