Monday, August 29, 2011

12 months ago - Part 1

I decided to do handful of blogs about what BJ and I were up to this time last year.

It dawned on my this morning that it's been 12 months since we were over in America visiting all our wonderful friends.

We first went to the United States in July 2008. Were we spend 2 and 1/2 months travelling around the country before heading off to Europe for another 2 months and then a week in Tokyo and a week in Phuket to finish the adventure.

While in the States we ment soo many wonderful, amazing people and we knew we'd have to get back there so we promised that in 2 years we would. And we kept that promise. August 2010 we flew back over. This time only for a month and four stops to catch up with our friends all over the country and also to meet up with new friends along the way.

So Part 1 is about LA... One of our more favourite places to be. We arrived on Sunday morning from memory and was greet by Sal and Nat at the airport with a homemade welcome sign. Covered with memories from our last visit as well as some that we were going to make this time around.
So the plan for our week in LA was a busy one. Sooo much to do. We had a three day park hopper pass to Disneyland (again) AND we were going to go to Medieval Times (Finally). On top of that we had a heap of other fun stuff planned including: Umami Burger, In n Out, Pinkberry, Hooters AND Bowling night, Flea Market, Kid Robot, Japan LA, Buca Di Beppo, Downtown Disney and much more.

The day we arrived Sunset Junction was on which is a massive street fair right around the corner from where we were saying at Sal and Nat's. We walked up there (after a nap on the couch of course) and wandered the street for the afternoon. 
BJ was super excited about purchasing Roasted corn on the street.
BJ - Super excited about Roasted corn on the street
 Our first meal one arriving in LA was at Nataly's parents place. A delicious home cooked feast. That evening we went to Umami Burger. This trip was a total burger fest and Umami was where we had our first dinner of our trip and our last... Good times.

After Umami (Which was AMAZING!) We went to the movies. This cute little theatre just up the road. Where BJ and I fell asleep during the film... Jetlag caught up with us, but it was only Scott Pilgrim vs The World so we didn't miss much. 
New Toys - Bargain Box
We had so much fun in LA (like we always do).Caught up with lot's of old friends and met some new ones.
Group shot in line for Toy Story 3D ride

Glorious In n Out Burger
Bowling dance
Medival Times!!!!
Everyone doing the 'BJ Face' on Tower of Terror
 BJ had this stupid face he constantly pulls in photos and it became a thing to pull that face for the ride cameras.

Love this photo - Wet Zone before World of Color

World of Color

The most amazing creation I've ever seen. I can't even explain it to you. If you go here you can see some videos i took during the show.
Group Shot
Hidden Mickey
I was on a mission to find hidden Mickey's this time around and I got quiet a few photos of ones i found. This one i thought was very clever. In the painted whore carpark (That's Daisy Duck for those of your playing at home)

Does it get any better than LED fairy floss??

The Pope Room
For those of you who don't know there is a resturant in the States called Buca Di Beppo which serves Italian food, Family style. It's delicious and each resturant has a 'Pope room' which is a statue of the pop in a glass box on a lazy susan in the middle of the table... It's FANTASTIC!! Our first time over we went and vowed that next time we would get enough people there to be able to book the pope room.
Next time we go i want to sit at the table that's in the kitchen... It'll be loud but awesome. 

Thanks to Sal, Nataly, Jenae, Chris, Ryan, Lani, Nate, Duncan and of course Shultzman for making our trip back to LA one we'll never forget.

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Part 2 will be in St Augustine, Florida. 


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