Monday, January 30, 2012

Goals - February

I gave up on setting goals last year when things just got a bit crazy in my life.
This year I'm going to try hard to set at least 5 goals each months to complete. It doesn't matter how big or small the goals are. They all count.

So here is my goals list for Feb:

1/ Garden tidy up - The garden at our house is in need of a nice cut back and clean up. We plan to get some people over to help us and try to finish it all in a day.

2/ Finish making place mats and coasters - I started these before Christmas but ran into a few hiccups which caused me to push them to the side. But this month I'm going to finish them.

3/ Get Cooper more comfortable with staying home alone - He doesn't like to be alone and at mums he never really had to be so now i need to teach him that it's ok to be alone.. I will probably involve a LOT of treats.

4/ Organise and host our housewarming - We've picked a date but now i need to do the rest. Lot's of little things to do.

5/ More some time into organising my craft room - It's not going to be done in a hurry but i need to lodge some time in there often to get it sorted.

So there is my list for February. I will keep you posted on how I'm going with my list.
Fingers crossed I get them all completed


PS: Tonight BJ and I are having a date night. We are going to see Mariachi El Bronx play at Billboards. I'm super excited as they are a great live band and I get to see them with my man.

Date Night Outfit

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