Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wild Bore Xmas

Soon after BJ and I start our podcast Fork This BJ and our mates Pat and Speds started an audio podcast called Wild Bore. (I recommend you all listen to it as it's very entertaining.)

Not longer after they started the podcast BJ and I went garage saling and I found a chocolate mold of bore heads.... That's right!!

I decided right then that i would spend the 50cents and buy that chocolate mold and make the members of Wild Bore a christmas present they'll never forget.

Now i know i've already blogged a little bit about this as we did a Fork This episode of us creating these presents but i thought i'd show you some more photos of the finished products and also the faces of the recipients.

If you missed the episode of Fork This here it is ...And this is the final product


I didn't noticed till just now that none of them look happy about their gift in their photos hahaha.

I'm soo happy with how these turned out. A couple of issues i had were that the mold was difficult to release the chocolate without it breaking (I had a chocolate bore graveyard by the end of the day.) I was also planning to 'mount' the bore head to a cookie but had a few issues making that work. I think the shield with the Wild Bore logo turned out awesome.
Also, they were a BITCH to wrap.

I plan to make lot's of bore heads in the future. Think i'll try and do a resin bore for something.

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  1. hahaha, we actually don't look happy do we... However, I totally was. It was bitter sweet, in that it was delicious but in eating I in turn destroyed it and turned in to poo using my digestive system.

  2. Hhahaha yeah i know man. I couldn't have watched you guys eat them after the day it took me to make them.