Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1 more sleep

I've had two terrible nights sleep. I'm sure it's just stress and worry about Thursday. But now, There's only one sleep left and I think I'll actually sleep well.

It's a strange feeling... Moving out of home for the first time and last night is when it really hit us both hard... Really hard!

We've both never lived out of home before and BJ has actually never moved house (not even rooms) before. This is VERY new to us and obviously it is a BIG deal.

We will now be responsible for everything. Paying bills. Buying food. Cooking meals. Maintaining the yard.

The bigness of it all, i don't think will truly hit us for a few weeks. Once we've actually stopped unpacking and people aren't coming by so often to help us... Then it'll hit us.

We will actually be adults!

I've cried most of last night and I can't really tell you why... I don't really know.
I think it's just an array of emotions; happiness, sadness, worried, stressed. All built up to the brim and needing to escape.

I'm soo excited to be moving out. Having my own place. Most importantly I'm just excited that finally i'll be with BJ every day. That's been the hardest part of our relationship. Not seeing each other as often as we'd like. After traveling for 6 months and spending every day together and relying on each other it was hard to go back to our separate homes. It's been 3 years since then... A long time.

But next to the excitement I'm feeling very anxious about everything that's about to happen. Worrying about what COULD go wrong. What IF this happens.

I mean BJ knows of my craziness... But living with me 24/7 is a whole new percolator of fish and I just don't know that he's truly ready for that level of craziness.

I'm currently lying on my bed which is a mattress on the floor. My room has been gutted and very little remains in here.

Today my list of things to do was a mile long. I had to finish packing, do running around for settlement, sort our the plans for Thursday... And soo much more.

I actually have to go into work tomorrow (Thursday) morning for about an hour to do a couple of important jobs... One's I hope I don't fuck up because my brain will not 100% there.
At 2.30pm we will recieve a call and then... We can go get OUR keys!

And with that, I'm going to try and get some sleep. Right this minute it's 15 hours and 7 minutes till settlement.. Till it's ours!!


*I started this blog last night which is why when you see it it might be labeled '2 more sleeps'. Tonight i re-wrote it and of course forgot the change the heading... Well done Smorgy Pin It

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