Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Got The Keys!!


Settlement day was very long and dragged out. There were some issues that were out of our control and we didn't get our keys until 2 hours after we were ment to. We we did finally get them we showed up to the property and the previous owner was STILL moving stuff out so we had to sit and wait in our car on the street until they'd finished.

The quote of the afternoon was 'They are ruining my memories!!'

When they FINALLY left, we drove in OUR drive, walked up to OUR door and unlocked it. The smell of bleach filled our nostrils. Don't be fooled though, they didn't really clean anything they just ran a mop over the floorboards and overpowered the house with the smell of chemicals so it seemed like they'd cleaned.

My plan for when we got our keys was to go to the house and have our moment together. Jump... scream.. hug... And just take it all in, before anyone else arrived.
This didn't go to plan as we lots 3 hours of the time we'd counted on having. So the Fork This episode we filmed of us entering the house was literally the only time we had in there before we unloaded my car (which was filled to the brim) and made the calls to let family know they can come over.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was a bit of a blur. My plan was to take lots of photos and honestly, i have none. Everyone came over and started helping us clean and unpack more car loads. I started to feel really hungry and couldn't figure out why. Then everyone left, i looked at my phone and it was after 8pm. That would explain the hunger. At this point there was a moving truck blocking our driving (long story short, we are on a subdivided block and the people in the house in front were also moving out that day) so we decided we'd walk up the road and get some pizza for dinner. We got back to the house with our dinner, sat on the floor (as we had no chairs) and stuffed our faces.

After dinner we decided to unpack the kitchen items as they had arrived in the car loads and all the furniture wasn't coming till the next day. We worked on the kitchen till sometime after 11.30pm and decided we'd better go to bed as the next day was going to be a LONG one.

Cooper didn't come to visit the house till after we've moved all the furniture in. He loved exploring his backyard and barking at every noise he heard.

He decided to munch on some grass and i got these hilarious photos of him.

 Then he wondered off into the bushs and came out covered in flowers and stuff off the plants and BJ had to clean him off.
I think he likes his backyard. We got a doggy door installed so he can freely go where he wants.... At least until he barks at the neighbours. Then he gets yelled at and does the walk of shame back inside.


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  1. If everything went smoothly there'd be no good stories to share haha. So exciting :) Proud of you guys, enjoy every minute!

  2. This is so fun. I remember when we got our first house ( in 1989 ) like it was yesterday.