Monday, June 6, 2011

My Goals - June

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So I've decided that I'm going to set at least 5 goals at the beginning of each month for me to achieve. 
Nothing ridiculously hard, just things to get me moving and motivated.

And I'm going to blog my goals each month to make myself accountable.

So here are my goals for June:

1/ Post out earrings to Ellen and Erin (with a little extra something special for the wait)
2/ Make something new! Don't care if it's jewelry, resin, clay - just something
3/ Decide weather or not to renew and my store
4/ Change my hair in some way - New colour? New Style? New cut?
5/ Find a way to make some new friends
6/ Blog more!
7/ Get out my SLR and Diana at least once for some photo fun
8/ Continue with the diary i started last month
9/ Listen to more music
10/ Smile!

So they are my goals for June. I will keep my blog updated on how i go with them, and will also post if im looking for ideas or help with any of them. (I'm always open to suggestions.)


PS: These are the earrings I need to send out to Ellen and Erin. I made them in March (I've been really slack)

For Ellen - Star Earrings
For Erin - Record Earrings
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