Friday, June 24, 2011

Monthly Goals Update

I woke up yesterday morning in the mood to blog. But unfortunately my day did not allow that to happen. SOOOO today i decided to make some time to come on a give an update on how my June Goals are going. 

With only 6 days left of June AND the fact that i didn't set my goals at the beginning of the month... I think I'm doing pretty well with achieving them.

The first three goals are all ticked and completed.
I FINALLY posted out the earrings that i made back in March. Two lovely ladies i know saw photos of them, told me they liked them and that was it... The earrings were there's. They just had to wait for me to get off my bum and get them in the post. I sent a few extra goodies as well which i wont mention just in case they read this before receiving them.

I made several new things, but nothing jewelry related. I can't really discuss them on here as they are top secret. One of them i will be able to talk about soon though.

I also decided for the moment i would not renew the hosting of I'll keep the domain going, but put a hold on the hosting for the moment, until i feel more motivated to revamp the website and put some more effort into it.

Changing my hair is still playing on me... I'm kind of thinks about just letting it grow for the moment and see where that takes me... But it always gets to a point that i cannot stand it and since i work right next to my hairdressers, i just go straight up, make an appointment and get it all chopped off again.

I have been blogging a whole lot more recently then i ever have. And i have plans for it to happen even more in the near future. I'm happy to tick that one off my goals list as it's something that gets me motivated to do other things. And when i see that people are actually reading my blogs, commenting on them and enjoying them... That just makes me want to blog even more.

I've gotten my Diana out to play a couple of times... No SLR though. I've take some interesting photos with the diana. On one of them i used the splitzer and it came out really creepy.

Goal number 8 was to continue with my diary.. This i have not done, and don't know that i will this month. But it wasn't high on my list so I'm not too worried about it.

The other three that I'm yet to cross off are 'Find a way to make new friends', 'Listen to more music' and 'Smile!' - I'm working hard on the friends thing but don't quiet know If that will get a tick just yet. Music is always hard fit in because Podcast's take up a lot of my driving time. But I'm making the effort to change that. And lastly, to smile... I think this month I have gotten to a better place in my life and smiled a whole lot more then last month. But i won't tick that off until the end of the month.

So that's an update on my goals... I think I've done pretty well with them and in 6 days i will have to come up with a new list for July. 

If anyone has any suggestions of good goals that I should try to achieve. I'd love to hear them


P.S: I'm really loving Hanging with Friends. I'm 'Smorgy!' come and hang with me. 

P.P.S: My car (Norman Bates) clicked over to 6,000 this week. I took a video to mark the occasion.
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