Monday, June 20, 2011


This weekend was one that i will never forget. Around 8 years ago a friends sister at school invited me to a local all age gig to see a band called The Tall Poppies. I remember the nerves. Not knowing what to wear, not knowing what they sounded like and going out with a group of people I'd never hung out with. But i went to this place call TLC and was introduced to a new world.

I met this band that was soo down to earth and friendly, made friends with other fans and developed a love of a new kind of music and a love of badges.

I continued to go again and again seeing other bands and enjoying it all more and more.

Through that scene I was introduced to band forums which i excelled in. To sit in front of a computer all night and post to people i don't know about stuff we both enjoy. Forums are my thing (I mean,  i met my partner of 6 years in a band forum so I fully support them).

And then i found a band called Mightyboy. With two of the nicest guys (and the nicest roadie) I've ever met. They were soo welcoming to new fans. I started talking to them all on their forum and MSN chat (back in the day) and never expected that in the future i'd be able to consider them friends.

My first overage gig was a Mightyboy gig. It was an awesome night but when thinking of it the first thing that comes to mind is Broni's Tonka tshirt. I continued to see MB and TPP whenever and where ever i could.

Then, both bands called it quits... 'What am i going to do now?!'

Members started new bands and side projects. And i was lucky enough to be able to continue to follow and support them all as they grew and changed over the years.

Saturday night, these two bands reunited for one final night.. a charity event to raise money to assist children who have been abandoned due to parents drug addictions. Something that i am very much willing to support + two of my old school favourite bands playing again... As if i couldn't go to THAT show.

It was a night of great music. Not only the two bands mentioned about but Broni performed a solo set which is always enjoyable (Especially when your sitting with my mate Jarryd) and gpop did a set as well. It's been quiet some time since I'd seen a gpop set so i was really excited for that too.

There were also two other bands which I'd heard of but never seen. Polar Disco and Cooper Street Exit... Both AMAZING bands which I really enjoyed.

I mentioned my mate Jarryd above. I met Jarryd at a TPP gig. This young little over-excited kid who just made friends with everyone. It seemed fitting that i went to this gig with him.

Watching Mightyboy play made me sooo happy. Speds (the singer) was in his element, and nothing could have knocked smile off his face. They all looked like they had never stopped, like they still play together every weekend. It was great.

I got to sing and bop along to all the songs i still to this day listen to and love.

After MB finished someone arrived who i wasn't expecting to see that night. Jess, who is the friends sister i mention early that brought me into this world of local rock bands. I was soo happy that she was able to come down because it was just the cherry on top of what was already a great night.

There were people i remember from back in the day, who were always at the same gigs as me. And then there were people who have come into the picture since these two bands ended, and came to experience and support this reunion. And they did not go home disappointed.

When TPP came out in there costumes, it was a perfect touch to the evening. Everyone just started jumping and enjoying themselves as the music played. Singing along to the classics. Everyone had a smile on their face by the end of the night.

After they finished i did my rounds to say goodbye to all my mates. People that without these two bands i never would have met and gotten to know over the years. People who I'm proud to call friends.
They are soo amazing and I look forward to continuing to support them for many years to come.

To Gez, Speds, Broni, Gimp, Jarryd, Jess, BJ - You guys are what made this music fan you see before you and i am soo thankful for all that you have shared with the world.

I will always be there bopping along.


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