Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wedding Outfit

This Saturday BJ and I went to our friend Bianca from Blush Loves Mint beautiful wedding in her Belgrave backyard.

The weather was surprisingly lovely considering how miserable it's been lately. 

I rushed out and bought a dress last minute and threw together a really cute outfit for the occasion.
BJ scrubbed up pretty nicely as well. I've tried this dress on 3 times, but this time it was on sale - Dress Win!! It was super flattering and comfortable as well. 

Megan: Dress from Dangerfield, Tights & Cardigan from Kmart, Ankle Boots from Spendless Shoes, and Sunnies from Rubi. Everything was also bought on sale :)
Bianca did an amazing job decorating. There was a delicious Candy Buffet (which included some of my favourite candies), beautiful cheeses and dips scattered around, flowered everywhere and these amazing turkish glasses laid out for guests to fill with her homemade soft drinks.

On top of all that, the marquee was covered in white and cream pom poms, giant white balloons and two amazing black chandlers which i just wanted to steal!!

Bianca was happy for me to share a few snap shots that BJ and I took of the decorations and tables. Look at how beautiful it looked.

Congratulations to Bianca and Patrick and a Happy 1st Birthday to their daughter Ruby. It was a lovely day and heres to many more. 


PS: I ate waaay to much candy :)

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