Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade 6th Birthday Present

Last week my niece Kaia had her 6th birthday. Normally I have a plan well ahead of time of what I want to do for peoples birthday presents but since we bought the house I've been a bit stuck coming up with ideas.

I love making presents but what can you make a 6 year old and have them get the enjoyment out of it as they would any other birthday present.

Over the years I've made LOT'S of presents: Scrapbooks, art, figurines, jewelry, food etc but this birthday was hard.

And then it came to me.... I knew exactly what to make her and have her love it.

I made Kaia her own personalised game of Memory.

Kaia LOVES playing Memory and I knew this would be a hit. 

I picked out 12 photos of her - Fun memories like our family trip to the zoo, her weekend with George (the class teddy bear), Cooking with BJ, her first day of school and Meeting Santa.
I designed a cute little back for the cards and laminated them all so they last.

Packaged them all in a cute box I've been holding on to for years and with some alphabet stickers 'Kaia's Memory Game' was complete.

She liked them soo much that i plan to make her two more sets - One for at Aunty Megan's house and one for at Nana's so she'll always have them on hand to play. (Oh and just so you know that's not ALL that i gave her for the big 6).

Coming soon... Homemade party decorations


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