Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monthly Album - The January Wilderness

BJ and two of his work mates decided to start making a monthly CD for each other (sooo cute) as they all had quite different tastes in music and thought it would be an awesome way to hear some different stuff.

I've helped BJ a lot with his monthly CD's. I am constantly being asked to listen to the playlist and see how it flows. I've created templates for him to make all the artwork in and when it's all ready I get it all printed then I cut, fold and assemble it all, plus sometimes I also create some extra goodies.

So I thought I'd share each month with you guys as I think they are fantastic. Not just the playlists but the artwork and all the extras.


BJ's Words:

I had been listening to far too much 70's pop. When I saw far too much, I mean, my days were filled with Cat Stevens, Ross Ryan, Jim Croce and a handful of others.

Fuelled with my 70's pop hard on, I headed to my iTunes to make an album indicative of what I had been listening to.

Without pumping the album full of Jim Croce, I wanted the feel of a 70s album without using songs from the 1970s. I wanted songs that had the feel of 70s pop. Songs that make you feel good and songs that make you want to drive with the windows down, driving into the sun, music blaring.

The artwork was weird, its ugly, but charming, disgusting yet eye-catching. Everything I wanted it to be.


Track List:

Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
Section 9 - The Polyphonic Spree
Kathleen - Townes Van Zandt
Part Time Believer - Boy And Bear
Low Rising - The Swell Season
Where Dirt And Water Collide - White Buffalo
Right Or Wrong - Heidecker & Wood
Dear God - Monsters Of Folk
You Know That I'm No Good - Wanda Jackson
Lorelei - The Mess Hall
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me - Iron & Wine

A Visual Selection:



This album had no extra goodies. But i think it's pretty darn good.


©January 2012 FTI RECORDS. This album is full of songs pinched from a bunch of other albums, I guess it could be considered a compilation, however we here at FTI RECORDS consider it a masterpiece and anyone who has a copy of this album should thank their lucky stars that they got their grubby, filthy, little hands on it.

My Thoughts:

I love this album. It flows soo well and I really enjoy putting it on while I'm driving to work. 

We'd love to know what you think of The January Wilderness and if you would like a digital copy of the album send me an email

Smorgy & BJ

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