Monday, December 19, 2011

Cleaning out my closet

Wow! Christmas is almost hear which means New Years is just around the corner and then... We get OUR HOUSE!

It's all coming around super fast and with how this year has gone for me I'm planning to do everything i can to make sure 2012 starts off great and continues to be a fantastic year without any worries.

So between Christmas and New Years, while i have some time off I'm going to be Eminem'ing it and Cleaning out the closet that is my life.

 I DO actually need to clean out my physical closet to because it's sooo full of crap and i need to sort through it all and pack for the move. But I'll also be cleaning out anything else i can think of.

My Facebook is going to get another cull/clean up. Get rid of all those people that were accepted as friends but have not once spoken to since that day and have no desire to speak to them in the future.
The people from my past... from school... who i haven't seen since then and maybe once in a blue moon they'll send me a message or invite me to a group event (which is usually just to tell people that they've got a new phone number).

I'm getting rid of them all. Why be a 'Facebook friend' with someone you aren't actually friends with?!
Would you invite them out for your birthday? Have you planned to hang out with them in any way since accepting them as a friend? Would you invite them to your housewarming?... No.... Then why are they 'friends'?

I'm getting rid of all the negative. All the stuff that gets in my way, and brings me down. All the stuff that makes me feel unhappy or worthless.

I'm getting rid of old clothes that i put aside because 'one day they might fit me again' or 'even though i split something on that top and it stained it was still super cute and i just cant throw it away'.

2012 is a HUGE year for me. Moving out of home, Taking on a mortgage, Being responsible for soo much more. I need to go into 2012 feeling positive and in control.

If you can see past all that hair... That's BJ... The man i love. The man I've bought a house with and have every intention to spend the rest of my life with. I'm doing this all for us. So that we can both have the best 2012.

Some of you may know... I'm one of those people that needs to have a plan. Needs to know what's going on. I have lists for everything. If something goes wrong with my plan, i can become that crazy person crying in the corner. Moving is going to stress me like nothing else. And I'm trying to a stress-less 2012.

Now don't get me wrong... 2011 was a good year. BJ and I went on a family cruise which was awesome fun, we've gone to see some great concerts and gigs, We bought our house and started buying furniture and other items we need for it. But there are been a lot of shit that came with this year too.

There was a pretty shitty few months early on. Which sent me into a seriously depressed state... Then there was that long road of hard work and medication to get me to where i am today.
Just thinking about that period of time gets me quiet emotional and teary because i fear becoming that person again. But I'm not going to let that happen.

So bring on 2012... Bring on the house and the bills and the cooking and cleaning up after ourselves. Bring on the freedom of living in my own house, being able to paint the walls and hang up posters and play music as loud as i want.

Bring on positive thinking and relaxing more and not getting upset if something doesn't go exactly to plan. Bring on spending everyday with BJ and Cooper, Cooking together every night, Shopping for food, recording Fork This (without interruptions), Having people over to hang out, cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie. Bring on having my own crafting space, being able to leave projects out to work on as i please.

2012 is my year... The year of Smorgy! My year of happiness and joy.
And I'm NOT going to let anything change that.

Let the countdown begin

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