Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Weeks To The Day

Today is exactly two weeks till we get our keys and move into our house. By this time two weeks from now we'll be getting ready to have our first meal together in our new home.

I am excited about it but got a lot of other things going on that are preventing me from getting as excited as I'd like to be right now.

Today i packed up a heap of boxes and moved things out of my room. I've living in this room of mine for about 13 years and have no space for anything anymore. Trying to pack 25 years of stuff up into boxes is hard work.

On top of the stuff i already had in there I've accumulated other household items since we bought the house. So I've been boxing up kitchenware and stuff as well.

This whole house thing has come up super fast and it's very scary and daunting. I still have soo much to do to get us ready for it.

Cooper has noticed that something is going on and he's behaving like a total jerk. I think he suspects BJ and I are going on a holiday or something because i keep packing things. Little does he know that he'll be packed in a box soon enough and will be coming with us :)

In two more sleeps it's New Years Eve and we currently have no plans. I don't know what will happen for us New Years Eve but i do know that i will be washing my hands of 2010 that night.

I think the hardest part for me this year has been that i haven't had someone that i could comfortable open up and talk to.... And I've really needed that. I've got a couple of great friends in The States who i have confined in but it's soo hard to D&M with them when the back and forth could stretch over days.

So on top of the goals I've already set for 2012..

-Enjoy life
-Less go of my worries
-Remove everything that brings me down
-Be more positive
-Create a lovely home with BJ
-Smile more
-Create more
-Not be afraid of saying what i think
-Eat less junk food
-Exercise regularly

I'm going to try and make more friends. Friends with people who actually care about me and how I'm feeling. Friends with people willing to lend an ear. Friends who want to try and organise something with me and not have it always be me making the plans.

That's what I want from 2012.

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