Saturday, December 31, 2011

70 “New-To-Me” Movies 2011

Last year i set myself a realistic goal of 50 'New-To-Me' movies. This year i increased my number to 70 and i made it.

Here is my list of movies I watched in 2011 and my ratings. Looking at the list there are only a couple of ratings that i now regret and would change but have left at my original rating.

Greenberg – 1.5/5
Black Swan – 5/5

127 Hours – 4/5

Just Buried – 1.5/5
Because I said so – 2/5
The Last Kiss – 2/5
Hairspray (1988) – 2.5/5
Youth and Revolt – 2.5/5
Waiting for Guffman – 3.5/5
No Reservations – 3/5
Dinner for Schmucks – 2/5
Cyrus – 3/5
The Runaways – 2/5
Get Him To The Greek – 4/5

How to eat fried worms – 3/5
Hot Rod – 2/5
Thor – 3.5/5 – By the hammer of THOOORRRR!!!!

Paperman – 4/5
Blood into Wine – 4/5
The Hangover 2 – 4/5

The Green Hornet – 3/5
Drive Angry – 3/5
American: The Bill Hicks Story – 4/5
Year One – 1/5
Super 8 – 4/5
DIG! – 3/5
Stranger than fiction – 3/5
Couple’s Retreat – 2.5/5
We own the night – 2/5
Rango – 3/5

District 9 – 3.5/5
You Again – 3/5
Mama Mia – 2/5
Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Pt 2 – 4/5
Bride Wars – 2/5
Jesus Camp – 3/5
Suckerpunch – 2/5
Bridesmaids – 4/5
Accepted – 3/5
Despicable me – 2.5/5

Sunshine – 3/5
Captain America – 4/5
The Losers – 3/5
Raising Arizona 4/5
Hesher – 4/5
The music never stopped – 4/5
Man with the screaming brain – 2/5
Sourcecode – 2/5
Bad Teacher – 2/5
The Best and the Brightest – 3/5

Everything Must Go – 3/5
The Beaver – 3/5
Burlesque – 2/5
Horrible Bosses – 3/5
Intolerable Cruelty – 3/5

Red State – 4.5/5

Let’s go to Prison – 2/5
Marley and Me – 2/5
Exit through the gift shop – 4.5/5
Tucker and Dale vs Evil – 2.5/5
Welcome to the Dollhouse – 1/5
The Benchwarmers – 3/5

50/50 – 4.5/5
The Help – 4.5/5
The Myth of the American Sleepover – 3/5
The Invention of Lying – 3/5
Contagion – 3.5/5
Our idiot brother – 3/5
Cherrybomb – 1/5
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 4/5
Project Nim – 5/5
7 Up – 3/5
7 Plus 7 – 3/5
Submarine – 5/5

Total: 74

Good Effort if i do say so myself. Next year I will probably increase it more. With BJ and I moving in together we will have a lot more time to watch movies (AND TV shows).

I should really do a blog like this for TV shows but it's a hard one because there are soo many series we started this year as well as one's we've continued from past years. There is soo much GREAT TV out there at the moment so i might just mention some of my favourites currently.

Great Shows:
Breaking Bad - fantastic show. I wasn't the happiest person with regards to the ending of season 4 but i fucken love that show. Boardwalk Empire - Just amazing. Everything about it is perfect. The acting the sets the costumes. Louie - HILARIOUS!!! Don't need to say anything else. For Animation I'm in love with Bob's Burgers and Archer. I still love How I Met Your Mother. My new favourite sitcom is New Girl. Perfect in every way. Game Of Thrones - Mother fucken Game of THRONES!!!! The Killing is the most depressing show i've watched and actually had to stop for a while because i couldn't handle it but it's such an amazing edge-of-your-seat show. The Walking Dead always gets your heart racing and the season of nothing happening was worth sitting through for the last 10 minutes of the season final. Mike and Molly, Raising Hope and Melissa and Joey are all worth watching, feel good shows. The nerd in me feels enough people don't know about Eureka and should.

Not So Great Shows:
I'm proud to say i've finally quit True Blood. Talk about a shit show. It made me soo angry but i'm not one to finish mid season so i toughed it out. Also, I'm pretty disappointed with how this years season of Dexter went. It turned really soapie and lame. I still can't tell if Colin Hanks was acting really well or REALLY BADLY. Season ending was a twist which HOPEFULLY will improve next season. Entourage's ending was what BJ described as and i quote 'A pile of shit'. Glee has been stinkin' pretty bad since the end of season 1. This season of Chuck has been a bit lagging which makes me sad.

So there is a little insight to SOME of the TV I've watched this year. (I watch a fuckload of TV). 

BJ are I are trying to decide weather to watch a TV show or movies to bring us into 2012.  So i may have to add to this later on.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.
2012 is going to be the best!!

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