Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stolen Jeffy's (Homemade Salted Twix)

Last week I attempted to make Homemade Twix for the first time.

They were super easy and delicious. For my first try I kept things simple. Shortbread biscuits, a can of Caramel top n fill, rock salt and chocolate melts.

Lay out the biscuits on a baking tray, spread the caramel over the top, sprinkle rock salt (optional...but delicious), refrigerate overnight, cut up, coat in chocolate and consume.

In our house when we make something that we know we'll make again we give it a special name for future reference. These were renamed 'Stolen Jeffy's' due to a story which has been told in the Carter family long before I was around about a twix bar which belonged to my father in law. It was consumed by someone else in the house and no one ever owned up to it. To this day you cannot mention Twix without Jeffy ranting about his stolen one. 

BJ felt the name was very appropriate. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy them... Except for my niece Kaia who said 'They don't taste as good as they look'. Thanks Kaia.

'Perfectly Salted' - BJ Carter

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