Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sooo... What's new with you?

First post of 2014... Mid April.... How embarrassing!

I know what the three of you who read this are thinking... Where have you been?

My last post for 2013 had me promise a lot of things I haven't delivered yet:

'2014 will include more blogging, more Fork This, as well as a lot of goals I am setting for myself and will work hard to achieve. I plan to have another VERY productive year.'

So this year I've slacked on the blog, We had a Fork This hiatus for a couple of months and my goals have been put on the back burner a bit.

But all that is about to change.

So here is what's new...

We have a new family member!!

FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole

We brought Gordon home at the start of March, he was 8 weeks of age and weighing 598grams. He is now almost 14 weeks old and a week ago just cracked 1kg. Gordon is a mid-hair chihuahua, he's chocolate and tan with white socks and a white half collar. When we got him he had blue eyes but recently they turned more of a hazel colour.

Gordon LOVES the hell out of Cooper and just wants to play with him every minute of the day... Cooper tolerates Gordon and tries to keep his cool while Gordon is biting on his tail and barking in his face.

We started puppy school last week his homework is to practise 'sitting' on command. 

He is absolutely insane and we love him soo much.

Once we got Gordon we finally get back into Fork This and there are LOTS of Gordon related episodes that are not to be missed



Oh and we've done some cooking on the podcast too

We also finally painted the craft room and now I'm just in need of the perfect set of shelves to organise the shit out of all my stuff. BJ has started his 'manly' project of sanding back and re-staining an outdoor bench. He has also created a few delicious burgers that are now on regular rotation in our house. The newest one being a replica of a McDonald's Big Mac, which we've named a 'Bernie Mac'. 

We spent all of March having a Parks and Recreation marathon which we've loved every minute of and also recently watched The Room for the first time and it is now ALL we talk about. We plan on going to a screening of it soon which we are really looking forward to.

Coming up is Easter weekend, followed by Anzac Day so we are getting two long weekends to enjoy.
And here are my goals by the end of these two weeks.

* I will blog about our How I Met Your Mother season finale party (Which was pretty pathetic compared to previously finale parties we've had)

* I will attempt to make my first Terrarium. I have brought everything i need, just need a little motivation to put it all together

* There will be at least two new food related Fork This episodes filmed

Now, to get back to a lazy Sunday with my boys. Gordon is currently trying to take Cooper's duck off him. Cooper thinks licking Gordon's face will stop this from happening.


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