Monday, September 19, 2011

Made my day

Today is my friend Katherine's birthday and so naturally i wrote on her facebook wall wishing her an awesome day.

The response i got from her is something i've never really had anyone say to me before.

'Thank you Megan! Would just like you say that you have been pretty inspirational lately and you have inspired me to make a few changes! So thank you!'

Awwww... Made my heart feel full as soon as i read it.

It's such a nice thing to hear from someone.
Especially with all the high's and low's i've dealt with this year. To have someone else notice that i've changed and feel inspired by what i've done just made me soo happy i could cry.

So thank you Katherine because you truly made my day!

I can't wipe this smile off my face and i feel more motivated to try and continue to inspire people in the future.


PS: I've FINALLY upgraded my OS to Lion and it's AWESOME... I also upgraded my iPhoto and iMovie which i'm currently having a play around with while i edit this week's Fork This episode.

But of course the first thing everyone should do when they get a mac or update there OS is play with Photobooth. 
BJ and i have millions of stupid photos like this one and we were in tears of laughter while we were taking them :)

Our kids are going to be soo beautiful
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