Monday, July 4, 2011

My Goals - July

I did so well with achieving my June goals that today i wrote up a list of 10 goals for July that i thought i'd share with you.

1/ Cook once a week - I dont care if it's dinner or just some cookies but i want to get in the kitchen more

2/ Re-organize my wardrobe & tidy my room - My wardrobe is overflown and i need a better system for my clothes

3/ Get my resin out - It's been SOOOOO long since i did so this month I'm going to make it happen

4/ Find some memory boxes - I  have two things i collect and i need an appropraite place to store them

5/ Eat less fast food - I'm not eating it too much these days but still think I could cut it back a bit more

6/ Practice my hooping more regularly - I recently did an 8 week hula hooping class (and have started another 8 weeks) but i find it hard to get in some time at home to have a spin

7/ Call my car insurer - I put a claim in after some guy hit my car back on March and STILL haven't heard anything from the insurance company... I'd like to know what the hell is going on

8/ Start a glory box - My partner and I are saving for a home but obviously we are going to need lots of things when it is time to move out. So i want to get a start on that

9/ Clean car inside and out - I've had Norman now for 9 months and only given him one bath in all that time, he's waaaaay overdue

10/ Finish BAS - This one is work related. Every time the BAS comes up i get swapped with work and always have to rush through it last minute while I'm stressing out... Not this time!

So they are my goals for July.
I'll keep you updated on how i go with them

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  1. Love this goals idea, good for you! It's a good way of getting yourself focused on what makes YOU happy, which is awesome.

    I'd like to invite you and BJ to - it's a very positive wisdom/gratitude/healthy goal-oriented network which is a really good influence - ties in with Twitter and FB etc too (with check-ins, mobile apps etc coming very soon) Add me as a friend if you sign up! x

    Oh and pester the hell out of your insurance company - my friend never heard anything back on his until he kept on at them, they wouldn't have even reimbursed for the courtesy car as they promised him if he hadn't called back :(