Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goals for 2013

At the end of 2012 I was thinking about what goals i wanted to set for 2013.

I've decided I'm not going to make a list of massive goals that i might not achieve and then will feel miserable that i haven't. Right now I'm really happy with life and even though there are a few things i would like to change, if they didn't, I'd still be happy.

The obvious goal i have is still to lose weight and get fit... I'm doing this slowly but now with the wedding ahead of us i have motivation there to work harder to achieve this.

The other goals i have are: 

To manage our money even better then we have this first year in our house... We have a wedding and honeymoon to pay for and i want to make sure that we are still saving well and keeping our redraw account full.

To paint the rest of the house. We have all the paint but in the last 12 months have only completed a room and 1/2. I'd like to have completed the rest of the house by 2014.

To be more creative. Weather it's with food or craft i don't mind but i've slacked off a fair bit last year and was only creative when there was a birthday or occasion for it. Not this year. (At least with the wedding i know there will be plenty of creativity.)

BJ and I have set a couple of challenges for ourselves already this year:

We have decided that January, February and March are going to be take away free. We've added a clause that pizza isn't included because normally we'd be lucky to have pizza once in 3 months anyway. (And because one of our traditions we are starting is that on the anniversary of the day we moved into our house, we are going to reenact that night and walk up to get pizza and watch a movie together.

We've also decided to do 'Meat-less March' which i think will be an easy challenge for BJ but a difficult one for me.

And on top of these goals and challenges, we've both decided to re-do 365. After two years back I thought it would be a fun little challenge. A self portrait every day for 365 days. We are both members of the DnD 365 group on Flickr which is full of our friends from all over the world and we are excited that soo many of them have decided to do the 365 this year as well.

Usually it's BJ who pulls the faces

Let the awesomeness of 2013 commence.


PS: I tried on a (dream) wedding dress this week and I was soo nerve racking and exciting.

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