Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fork This Updates

I've been a bit absent lately and have just realised that I haven't post the last three episodes of Fork This (Or anything else really).

Fork This 73 - Kaia And The Fete

BJ, Kaia and I head to a school fete for some adventures. Lot's of sugar, rides AND a DeLorean.

Fork This 74 - Attack Of The Brain

On our weekend away BJ and I were attacked by a cockatoo which i named 'The Brain'. It was hilariously scary and luckily i was able to film most of it.

Fork This 75 - Beach Days

Some footage on our weekend away in Lorne.

What do you think of our new starting? It makes me laugh every time i see it.

I will try and get more motivated to post... I still have May to October albums to show you all.


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