Monday, September 17, 2012

It Is Time... lose some weight!!!

I've gotten really slack in the 8 months we've been in the house and I need to step it up.

Last year i was hooping for exercise but the weather lately has just been too horrible to be outside so i've been getting on the Wii Fit each night. My (slightly pathetic) goal is to get on for at least 20 minutes each night after i get home from work.

I was doing well for the first two weeks but last week I didn't get on the damn things once. I planned to start my routine again today but woke up feeling very unwell and the only thing that makes me feel slightly better is to move as little as possible.

July 2011 and May 2012 are the same dress and you can see the difference 9 months has made.

Once the weather gets a little nicer i will get the hoop out and try and give myself more time each night to exercise. I want to set some goals and use my blog to keep me accountable, so hopefully i'll post them soon.


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