Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Months

This week marks two months that BJ and I have been in our house. I think we've surprised a lot of people (especially our families) with how easily we've dealt with this huge change.

We both love it! It feels like we've been living like this for ages. Feels like home.

I think people expect us to have struggled with it. Had days where we've been homesick or mopey. But that hasn't been the case at all.

We've just been happy!

Happy to come home every night and cook dinner together while Cooper watches. Happy to snuggle up on our couch and watch TV. Happy to clean dishes, do gardening and wash clothes.

I wouldn't change my life right now, for anything in the world.


Here are some pics for our last two months

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 Left to Right: First photo at our house, Packing the essentials, First piece of mail, BJ answers our home phone for the first time, BJ vs the wasps nest, Cooper sun baking, Ice cream adventure, Cooper meets Gnome Swanson, Our couch finally arrived, BJ made me valentines cookies, Our second Third fridge, our fourth fridge (yes we went through 3 fridges in less then a month-That story will be told one day), Cooper sleeping (again), Chilling out watching Wipeout, BJ tends to his chilli's, Our housewarming brochures, Us.

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