Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedding Gift - Personalised Toasting Glasses

The work colleague that i made the Bridal Shower Gift for has almost reached her big day and I wanted to make something special for their wedding gift.

Personalized Toasting Glasses!

This wasn't a first time etching glass for me but it was an experimental way of doing it which I've not done before. It was quiet fiddly and sometimes frustrating.

Trying and get these two glasses to match was a painful task. There was a lot of tape involved and a lot of pauses were i would walk away for a little bit (so i didn't end up throwing the glasses).

I wanted to have them ready early enough to give to the bride and groom to be before the wedding day in the hope that they would like them enough to use on their wedding day to toast and celebrate with.

I'm soo happy with how they turned out. It was worth all the stress for the finished product.
Have another wedding coming up in October and thinking of doing the same thing... But obviously with their names hahaha.

If you want to see more photos go to my Facebook page.
Let me know what you think of my etched glasses.


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