Silhouettes Of Knights was birthed from the brain of Megan Carter (better known as Smorgy) in 2007.

It's evolved many times over the years, born as a website and online Etsy store before evolving into a blog focused on striving forward with new creative endeavours.

The idea behind trying to create something new breeds excitement and joy for Megan, consistently jumping at trying to create new things. Whether it be clay, jewelery, resin, screen printing, design, cooking, scrapbooking, glass etching or anything else she is able to lay her hands upon.

Her husband BJ, and their two Chihuahua's, Special Agent Dale Cooper (5 years) and FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (4 months), help to bring the creative fun to their home. Constantly coming up with new fun things to try.

The family has a video podcast called Fork This which strongly features crazy Chihuahua antics and some cooking.
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